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  1. *opm Build* 1990 Nasa/scca Spec Miata

    [b][i]GO RACING IN THIS! 1990 Spec Miata SCCA/NASA-PTF/TT/ChampCar/LeMons Series[/i][/b] This car was built by legendary Spec Miata builder Tom Fowler of OPM Racing in Cumming, GA. I purchased it from its 2nd owner in 2015. The car is known as Moxie, and has gained some recognition as being featured on the FastDriverMom Blog series. Seeing i...

    Price - $9,000.00

    Time Left - 26 Days, 8 Hours

  2. Runoffs/champs Ready 1999 Spec Miata

    For family reasons we've had to put most of our racing activities on hold indefinitely so we are selling off some cars. This 1999 Spec Miata has just three races since it was built new for the 2017 season. It is a ground-up build with every part removed, inspected and either cleaned and painted or replaced with new. This car is ready and ab...

    Price - $23,000.00

    Time Left - 25 Days, 8 Hours

  3. 2002 Spec Miata - Built By Sneaky Moose Motorsports

    [center][font=impact][size=2]FOR SALE[/size][/font][/center] [center][font=impact][size=6]2002 SPEC MIATA RED RAPTOR[/size][/font][/center] [center][font=impact][size=6]BUILT BY SNEAKY MOOSE MOTORSPORTS[/size][/font][/center] [center][font=impact][size=6]$28,000[/size][/font][/center] [center][font=impact][size=4]Tyler Brown [/size][/font][emai...

    Price - $28.00

    Time Left - 17 Days, 18 Hours

  4. 2000 Spec Miata

    Selling my race ready 2000 Spec Miata. SCCA and NASA logbooks. Many strong finishes and podiums in 2018 NASA Texas region in competitive 30-plus car fields. Rossini Racing Engine, 2017 build Miatacage, well built Trans tunnel notch plate welded in to floor Ultra-Sheild full containment seat size 15 Belts are new 2018 East Street Racing transmis...

    Price - $19,000.00

    Time Left - 19 Days, 6 Hours

  5. 1991 Miata Good Race Car For Great Price!

    This 1991 Miata is set up for Spec Miata but it has been mainly run in ITA. Won the SCCA Great Lakes ITA Championship in 2011. Held track record in ITA at Gingerman. $10,500. Motor was built by Rossini as a Spec Miata Pro motor. Raced 8 events SCCA log book-fresh 2018 inspection The car is very close to 50.0% cross. No added weight to meet...

    Price - $10,500.00

    Time Left - 18 Days, 4 Hours

  6. 1994 Spec Miata

    REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE This car has about 3 seasons on it with only a few races a year. We put a cage in this car and the owners finished it with our help and guidance and did a nice job on it. Nice East Street tig welded cage. East Street head on stock bottom end, east street racing trans. Car comes with an extra set of wheels and Toyo rains....

    Price - $10,500.00

    Time Left - 322 Days, 14 Hours

  7. 1999 Rossini Race Engine

    1999-2000 ROSSINI RACING ENGINE This engine has only three weekends on it. The engine makes 125/117 on our dyno which puts in the acceptable range of what we expect on our dyno. This engine was built in mid 2017. This will make someone a pretty good engine $3500.00 plus shipping

    Price - $3,500.00

    Time Left - 321 Days, 3 Hours

  8. 1999 Spec Miata

    [size=6]******** sold sold sold sold **********[/size] [size=6]use the classifieds, they work![/size] We built this car back in 2008-09 and it has changed hands several times since then. It has a miatacage in it. We bought this car back and removed the SM suspension kit and installed factory shocks and springs, pulled the data and hard top....

    Price - $5,000.00

    Time Left - 297 Days, 10 Hours

  9. East Street Racing Cylinder Heads

    [color=rgb(69,69,69)][font=tahoma][size=2][background=rgb(253,253,253)]This is an inexpensive way to get your car to top power[/background][/size][/font][/color] [color=rgb(69,69,69)][font=tahoma][size=2][background=rgb(253,253,253)]For Sale - East Street Racing Cylinder Heads[/background][/size][/font][/color] [background=rgb(253,253,253)][siz...

    Price - $1,750.00

    Time Left - 239 Days, 5 Hours

  10. East Street Racing Custom Builds / 5X National Champions

    After dominating the 2012,13, 14 seasons, winning or powering four of the last 6 national champions. We have taken a few orders for 2018, we can fit 1-2 more builds in for the 2018 season. If you want the best, look no further. We prove to be the best year after year. We can build a car on almost any budget! We will meet any prices on what othe...

    Price - $35,000.00

    Time Left - 239 Days, 5 Hours

  11. Rebuilt Race Ready Calipers.. Best In Sm

    After spending the last 3 years buying reman calipers from just about every parts jobber to Mazdaspeed and having every problem under the sun with all of them, I decided to rebuild our own. I started rebuilding our own calipers and disabling the rear e brakes which often cost the last few HP in 2006 after Mark Bennett became a customer and showe...

    Price - $100.00

    Time Left - 239 Days, 5 Hours

  12. East Street Custom End Links

    [color=rgb(69,69,69)][font=tahoma][size=2][background=rgb(253,253,253)]I decided to make my own links for our cars as I have not been happy with any of the others available. Everyone has their own preference, obviously I like these the best. The lengths are perfect for SM, all grade 8 hardware and the heims are high quality from F&K. They co...

    Price - $165.00

    Time Left - 239 Days, 5 Hours

  13. East Street Racing Calipers

    [color=rgb(69,69,69)][font=tahoma][size=2][background=rgb(253,253,253)]After spending the last 3 years buying reman calipers from just about every parts jobber to Mazdaspeed and having every problem under the sun with all of them, I decided to rebuild our own. I started rebuilding our own calipers and disabling the rear e brakes which often cost...

    Price - $100.00

    Time Left - 239 Days, 5 Hours

  14. East Street Blue Printed Hubs

    We offer the best hubs you can buy. All of our hubs start out as new NTN or SKF hubs, we take them apart, replace all the balls with a substantially higher grade balls(2.5x more smooth and round than standard balls) than available in any of the new hubs (OEM or aftermarket). We repack with our proprietary grease ( special grease :optimist: ) We...

    Price - $165.00

    Time Left - 239 Days, 5 Hours

  15. 1999/2005 Fuel Pressure Regulator

    [color=rgb(69,69,69)][font=tahoma][size=2][background=rgb(253,253,253)]This regulator is engineered to work the same way Mazda designed the original system to work. With one regulator, with a return back to the tank. This ensures proper regulation of fuel pressure/pulse to the fuel injectors. Other products on the market piggy back a second regu...

    Price - $435.00

    Time Left - 239 Days, 5 Hours

  16. Tunnel Notch Out Panel

    [color=rgb(69,69,69)][font=tahoma][size=2] [size=3][background=rgb(253,253,253)]We developed an insert that welds into the floor/tunnel area. This insert adds almost three inches of floor space to better mount your seat. Most seats in Miata's are mounted off center or crooked because of interference with the tunnel. Rather than beat the tunnel...

    Price - $150.00

    Time Left - 239 Days, 5 Hours

  17. Torsen Swaps /torsens

    [color=#000000][size=3][background=rgb(253,253,253)]These swaps will bolt right into your 90-93 SM. This will replace the fragile Mazda Comp differential and give you years of worry free racing. The swap comes with all the parts necessary to install into your car. It comes with the 4:30 torsen differential, the aluminum housing, both CV axles an...

    Price - $1,250.00

    Time Left - 239 Days, 5 Hours

  18. Ballast System

    [background=rgb(253,253,253)][size=3]After seeing many of the ways people install ballast in their cars, we decided there had to be a better way. What we decided to do is to secure the weight on the passengers side seat mounts. These mounts are designed to easily carry 200+ lbs securely. Our system comes with a steel base plate ( 17.5 lbs) that...

    Price - $125.00

    Time Left - 239 Days, 5 Hours

  19. Blueprinted Rear Knuckles

    [color=rgb(119,119,119)][font=tahoma][size=2]We are offering race ready ready knuckles. These come with new Mazda bearings that we go through, replace the inferior quality balls with the best available, pack with our proprietary grease( special grease :optimist:[/size][/font][/color][color=rgb(119,119,119)][font=tahoma][size=2] )[/size][/font][...

    Price - $225.00

    Time Left - 239 Days, 5 Hours

  20. Rebuilt Transmissions The Best Available!

    [color=rgb(119,119,119)][font=tahoma][size=2]We are offering our Race ready rebuilt transmissions to the SM community. These transmission are fully gone through, All the synchros,sliders and shift forks are changed. We harden the shift forks for improved durability. We start with a street version transmission, not a wore out trans that came out...

    Price - $1,200.00

    Time Left - 239 Days, 5 Hours

  21. Jim Dragos 2017 Super Tour Championship Winning Car ****sold***

    [size=3][font=arial]I am building myself a new car for the 2018 Season, Quite simply this has been the best car in the country for the last two seasons. The car has more Hoosier Super Tour wins than any other. It was the best car on the dyno at this years NASA championships. This past weekend the car qualified on the pole at the NASA championshi...

    Price - $35,000.00

    Time Left - 69 Days, 8 Hours

  22. T4 Mx5 Drago Built******* Sold************

    Great car, building something a bit faster, moving classes, this needs to go. Rules look great for Runoffs 2018 in a T4 MX5 prepared to this level! OFFERS!

    Price - Offers

    Time Left - 164 Days, 9 Hours

  23. 2017 Runoffs Winning Car **sold**

    Well, you have likely seen the race by now. We built this car a few months before the Runoffs and put it up for rent. Preston and Dan Pardus decided to rent the car for the Runoffs. This was the first race on the car, Prestons first win in a Majors/Super tour type event. So what you are getting is a car that bested 90 others in the national Cha...

    Price - $35,000.00

    Time Left - 49 Days, 7 Hours