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  1. 1999 Sm Rossini Engine

    Fully dressed out 1999 Rossini Engine. Mike Rossini built this engine for me 6 weeks ago from a 52k mile car of mine that was my daily driver. Unfortunately, I just sold my 99 SM and no longer have a need for a spare motor. The motor is ready to go, as you can see from the pictures, with everything, manifolds, t-body, brackets, etc. Your alterna...

    Price - $5,500.00

    Time Left - 16 Days, 6 Hours

  2. For Sale Pro Level 1992 Spec Miata

    [font=Symbol]· [/font]SCCA log Book and annual inspection ( Log book # 83-1630) [font=Symbol]· [/font]New Mariner Blue paint with painted race strips (not vinyl). [font=Symbol]· [/font]Factory hardtop with all the gaskets and seals [font=Symbol]· [/font]BSI Cage + tunnel cut out [font=Symbol]· [/font]Race Engineering Pro Moto...

    Price - $15,000.00

    Time Left - 29 Days, 8 Hours