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NASA-SE: Winter Meltdown @ CMP Feb 11-12

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It wasn't a divebomb as much as avoiding running into the back of him, missing the apex, and running out of racetrack. I was right on his bumper when he missed the shift and had to swerve hard left to avoid him.

You made a clean pass on me - no problems there. I wish you had stayed on track! I think Mr. Hille was referring to my first video and the Celica dive bombing me in T11.

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That was definitely a divebomb! I watched my video 30 times yesterday, I should have checked up a bit once I cleared you. Then I would've been able to stay on the track! Never really been in that situation before, thought I was gonna be behind you awhile to set up the pass. I was thinking going into turn 8 was where it would be, but you missed a shift and forced my hand. I had tried the downshift to 2nd at t-1 in practice and found it was better to just stay in 3rd there because I was hitting the limiter well before the apex. It allowed me to stay full throttle from 1 through 3. You are also going into 2nd at T-10 where I think staying in 3rd is a better option. The worst part of the whole incident is that I was .5 sec faster than you at that point and I think I would've gotten faster through the weekend. Think I could've gotten into the low 1.54's, but I'll probably have to wait until fall to try again. Still had a blast anyways!
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