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Is it time for an On Track Compliance Chief (TCC)

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I am not sure that we need to have a dedicated contact steward, at least at Regional Events. You may need to add an extra person to the task.


I see no need for extra money at this point. We already have a rule in our region that all drivers who have contact are to report to black flag. The problem is the drivers do not do it and they are not called out for failing to show up.


If we add one rule, "anyone who failed to show up at contact impound will be penalized, they could lose their time or position". So if one driver shows up and says Drago hit me and Drago does not show up Drago is penalized. If drago does show up they discuss what and why it happened.


If the drivers agree on the cause of the crash they report that to the steward, he decides the penalty. If they cannot agree, they show video, Steward rules on fault and penalty. 




Rulings would be made on all contact, with a bit more scrutiny than "its a racing incident". It should be used for educational purposes. IMO it does not have to be more complicated than this. Not all contact has to be penalized, the punishment has to fit the crime.


I know some people are writing letters, I am going to reach out to the Petition crew, Tom, Skip, Craig we may have to pick up where we left off last year.


Edit: I would add that not all touching is contact. rubbing and no real damage, no lost of position (punt), should not be included, I am talking about real car damage and the inability to maintain your pace, or continue the race.  

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I would rather my $20 go toward a contact steward than making me pull my head at the track. Just saying.

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