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Open Source Race Car Scale

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Thanks.  Anything you think would help is more than welcome.  Dims, designs on how the load cells connect and lever in the casting or anything else mechanical you think would help.  I almost bought a set of used Rebco scales for $300 on ebay a few weeks back to use as a test base.


EDIT:  As long as a mechanical method is not patented it's perfectly legal to copy it.  Bolt for bolt, wire per wire.  The scale pad and/or method is not patented.  There could be an issue with using code directly from a closed project but the software side is original open source using open source support methods and mechanisms.   In most cases (and this case specifically) it's perfectly legal to copy the pad design.  The issue would be with hacking the software or using the trademarks of Intercomp, Longacre, etc.  For example if a copyrighted logo was on the pad that was copied there would likely be an issue incorporating the logo.  Basic mechanical design, no problem.


If you could plug a dongle into your existing Intercomp set (one battery powered dongle each pad) that would give you wireless capability to your phone/tablet/computer would that be of interest?

Very much a YES

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