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Still playing with the motor parts

Posted by davecarama , 02-18-2012 · 777 views

Took me a while, but I finally got a chance to pick up my motor parts from my garage. Not from a machine shop... and certainly not ready to be re-assembled. But at least I can play with them (measure them, decide what I want to do to improve their performance).

Didn't get much more done besides moving the parts into my basement.

But I did snap a few shots of the crank.
Posted Image

And some close ups of the surfaces that touch the bearings:
Posted Image

Posted Image

Now, I am no expert... but the guys that were told me I needed to clean these things up. That I could probably get away with just polishing, but I may need to machine them and use the next size bearings.

I was worried to do that. I don't want to do this more than once. I want this to last me some time. I am such a motor newbie. I did facebook Race Engineering when I saw a clean and shiny block they were working on. I said I'd trade them and they said sure... Something tells me that wouldn't be an even trade :) But I may still give them a call anyway.

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