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Posted by JayF , 12-24-2010 · 3,313 views

So I have uploaded the pictures I've got so far. I pulled the old motor out, cleaned up the engine bay and resprayed it. I am using Krylon Gloss gray spray for the engine bay and interior per a recommendation by Planet Miata. So far it has worked out great. I replaced all of the common M6x1 10mm bolts on the car with all new hardware to clean things up and make it look nice. If I'm not the quickest out there, I'm sure as hell gonna try and look good doing it. :) I have a new stripped down motor ready to out for machine work and have all of the hardware to rebuild and put it back together. I just picked the car up last week from my cage builder. We used the miata cage kit and he fitted the whole thing and tig'd it in place. If your in the RI/MA area I highly recommend Bill at cagethis.com . Excellent work and he is very reasonable. I just finished painting the interior and now I can start putting it back together. I have my seat, belts, driver and center net and all my suspension components ready to go. The goal is to have it done for end of March so I can get to the NJMP race school. We'll see how it goes.

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Nick Arenella
12-29-2010 11:36 AM
I've been following your progress on the old site. I've always been impressed by folks that can take the time to be so patient and meticulous.

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