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Posted by Scottie , 01-03-2011 · 2,244 views

Well, just what the title says. This winter I am switching the car over for next season (Thank you Chris Windsor). Last season was my first season in racing; and I only caught the last 3 MARRS events. So, I really haven't even had a full season yet. However, it became very apparent, very quickly, that a guy like me should be in SSM. Now, I could go on an endless rant of the reasons why, but for the sake of typing and not stating the obvious, here are my reasons.

Like most, I joined SM to race something competitive (a spec class) and cheap (in terms of racing). Racing is always going to involve the "pushing the envelope" factor, whether it be rules or budget. Unfortunately, throughout the entire field, SM isn't a drivers' race anymore. For the most part, the field is divided by not only driver skill, but by capability of the car. I'm not complaining about that, nor do I think it is a horrible thing. It's racing for Christ's sake. But for what I am looking to do, I want that parity, that level playing field. Is SSM perfect? most likely not. But, it won't break my wallet as badly as SM and I know that the guys and girls I am racing with are probably in the same frame of mind as me. Racing is expensive, I'm not denying that. But I am really looking forward to the closer racing that SSM has to offer.

I consider myself to be extremely fortunate to be racing in the Washington DC region. There is a lot of talent there, which means there is a lot for me to learn. I will really need to pay attention and focus on what I can do to work my way to the pointy end of the pack. Happy new year and I wish everyone a safe 2011 season!

Blake Thompson
01-03-2011 11:26 PM
I've talked to a few showroom guys about what they think is legit in showroom and I found it just disgusting. SSM might be the right place, but showroom stock in general is a perversion of the purpose.
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Weekend Warrior
01-06-2011 12:49 PM
You will find the same # of people "pushing the envelope" in SSM as you will SM.
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Alan, don't be such a cynic. I've got a SSM for sale for less than 10K than can win the MARRS championship. Tell me where you can find such a car for SM. Parity in SSM is a reality.
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