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first/second track day

Posted by Dr.Dan , 02-01-2011 · 813 views

More r and d for the #39 CAR. EXCESS CRANK CASE o.p. caused the dipstick to pop out spewing oil all over the pass. side of the motor. A small fire ensued. no worries. and no damage.The oil catch can was not vented. So we fixed that. Then I ran it out of gas because the racepak dash said I had more than half full.Then the fuel pump stopped working and could not get it refired.I suspect intank fuel pumps don't like to run dry.. The brakes were not bled right as well. mind you this is how I got it.. What poor workmanship.. Brakes bolts were to long and instead of finding new blots for the caliper bracket, they washer spacer(ed) the bolt. What?? Pretty lazy. On the plus side the Z06 motor is very fast. I could have easily hit 160 down the front straight at T-hill. But, I'm breaking it in.. so I eased up. I got both log books. Just have to add front tow straps and a fuel port for sampling. What else? Oh, they put the MAS to close to the throttle body and the car would really take a while to come down from rpm when reved. So I had an extra silicon sleeve and we moved it and viola!, perfect. How was that missed on there dyno runs with the old motor. It did the same. what else, yes there is more... the accusump was wired incorrectly and was not working at all, perhaps contributing to the first eng. failure.

02-02-2011 11:21 AM
Dan, your initial problems go well beyond "normal teething problems" of a new race car and are definitely the result of poor attention to detail in the initial build before it was delivered to you, but we'll get past that soon enough. Too bad it will be at great expense of time and $$. :(

In any event, this is going to be an awesome car and we're going to have a ton of fun this year!


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