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Chassis #2

Posted by Adax , 06-07-2013 · 1,661 views

Fowler again contacted me with a lead on an '03 in the area. I drove out to look at it and decided that this one had reached the point in its life that being a SM donor was doing it a favor. A thorough inspection revealed no frame injuries and other than a very loud throw-out bearing, it ran well. There was nothing remarkable about the car other than the Tochigi Fuji Super LSD which no one has much experience with. Oh, and the most ghetto audio system I've ever encountered.

(sorry about the poor i-phone photos, but get used to them)
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Time to start stripping it. I'd been through this once with the green car and there is nothing enjoyable about the process, other then the archeological appeal (this one had about $2.50 in change and a shattered disco ball under the seat). It is a dirty time-consuming process. I feel compelled to save all the interior bits to sell but I'm certain they are not worth the effort. The amount of wire in this car is staggering, at least 20 pounds of harness. I can't imagine how much is in a modern luxury car. I can see why most have gone to CAN bus systems, much to the chagrin of back-yard mechanics.

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It's important to document tear-downs extensively. A camera, ziploc bags, and a sharpie are essential if you ever want to get it back together again. For you non SM readers, the interior can be removed except for the dash and heater bits. The wiring harness cannot be modified or unused sections removed.

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After a couple of weekends and several trips to my storage unit, it's time to start thinking about the next step. A cage.

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