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Final Welding

Posted by Adax , 06-23-2013 · 1,606 views

With the tray into place, the remaining cage can be tacked and welded into place an I can finally get the car off to paint. It's pretty straightforward as I had already cut and fit the pieces before the tray went in. Lets hope they still fit.

Tacked into place:

Posted Image

Final welds:

Posted Image

Unfortunately I have to again flip the car over to finish the welding. It's not all that hard with the rotisserie but I have to remove the sub-frames to flip it which takes a bit of effort.

Posted Image

Now the final back-side welds can be completed. This view is from inside the inverted car looking at the underside of the main hoop.

Posted Image

I'll try to be modest but I really like the looks of this now that it is finished. I seriously debated leaving the tray unpainted but decided to paint it white like the rest of the cage.

Posted Image

Posted Image

It's now at the painter's. I stopped by OPM on the way to fish for some compliments and Ryan was kind enough to point out two areas that I forgot to weld. Fortunately I was able to weld it at the shop but it was windy and they are pretty ugly.

06-24-2013 08:10 PM
Looking great! One thing about painting the tray white is that many guys say it adds much more of a reflection in the rear glass than a darker shade. I've always had a dark color, but read about others painting their interior white except the tray.
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