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New 01 VVT Build

Posted by FTodaro , 11-08-2015 · 1,406 views

November 5, 2015

I am going to post some pictures along the way of my new VVT build. I started this project before I decided to do the blog so i will not have pictures of some of the early steps in the process. I had a prior VVT that was wrecked so I am working this project with the cars side by side, swapping from old to the new car.

This is a winter project for me so i can afford to take my time and pay attention to detail. This is the 5th car I have built, so with each effort I find ways to do things better than before.

I will tell you that my goal of this build is to construct a car that is capable and reliable. So i will not be spending much time or money to paint all the parts and so on. Alan in the blog below did a fantastic job on is car. this will be more of a How to Blog.

First the Car.

This is a 2001 VVT that came from down south. Not sure of the miles but it looks to be a clean car and judging from what i see, it looks to be a low mileage garage queen. The paint was in excellent shape.
Attached Image
Attached Image

As you can see from this shot on the engine Room, it was pretty clean.
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The Car was purchased for me by Jim at Eaststreet and the cage was installed. Because i have a complete race car(damaged) all i needed was a tub and a cage so I had him pull the drive train and strip it. Install the cage and ship it to me.

This car was a flood car so every wire in it will be replaced. I will be doing things that normally do not need to be replaced on a build due to the flood issue.


Ok today I dug into the wiring. Ralph, Help

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