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  1. 2001 Sm Long Road Build - Mint Condition Chassis

    [color=rgb(29,33,41)][font=Helvetica]FOR SALE![/font][/color] [color=rgb(29,33,41)][font=Helvetica][font=inherit]2001 VVT Spec Miata driven by Jonathan Goring[/font] [font=inherit]- Holds current SM track record at Lime Rock & NJMP Thunderbolt[/font] [font=inherit]- Long Road Racing Chassis & Cage built in early 2018[/font] [font=inheri...

    Price - $27,500.00

    Time Left - 11 Days, 21 Hours

  2. 99 Sm Race Winning Car For Sale

    Nationally competitive and ready to race! Beautiful black 99 that needs nothing, ready to go and win now. Everything to make the car competitive has been done for you, here is a list of items included: - One of the best cage designs I've seen in a Miata, E-speed cage all tig welded and beautiful. - Strong x-factor engine, car is fast! - Brand n...

    Price - $18,900.00

    Time Left - 1 Days, 15 Hours

  3. 2003 Spec Miata

    *************SOLD IN ONE DAY, USE THE CLASSIFIEDS, THEY WORK****************** [background=rgb(253,253,253)][size=2]This car belonged to Michael and Kristin Novak, they are doing less SM racing and doing more Champ car. This car is without a doubt the best used car on the market right now. It only has four weekends on it, the last was two we...

    Price - $27,900.00

    Time Left - 322 Days, 16 Hours

  4. 2001 Esr Runoffs Winner

    If you are looking proven new car. You want a car that is loaded and built from the ground up with no expenses spared, this is it. This car has only two races on it. the Sprints and the Runoffs. This is a carbon copy of my personal car with much better data set up. This is a super nice build and proven winner at the most competitive race there i...

    Price - $45,000.00

    Time Left - 42 Days, 16 Hours

  5. Lots Of Like New Toyos

    I wont be doing Miller next year, so I do not need all these Toyos.. My loss, your gain I have two sets of shaved 3/32 tires, each with three sessions on. One i won the race on and one I ran the qualifying race on $300 plus shipping each I have one set of 2/32 shaved tires, they were run once at Mid Ohio (Saturday warm up) and grained. Th...

    Price - $200.00

    Time Left - 210 Days, 18 Hours

  6. Tires Multiples

    One set of new sticker Toyo RR, 47/17 production $550 plus shipping or delivered to Mid Ohio two sets of 4-5 session Toyo RR from Cota National championships 2017 date codes $300 plus shipping or delivered to Mid Ohio 2015 Hoosier H20- 2-3 sessions $200 plus shipping last run in Atlanta rain qualifying, Preston was p2 and on same tenth as Steyn

    Price - $300.00

    Time Left - 192 Days, 22 Hours

  7. 2001 Esr Vvt Engine

    This is a long block that we built, it was built to the same specifications as every other engine we build. It was shipped to customer, dyno time only. According to their testing, not ours it was about 5 HP off. It is being sold a long block. It simply is not worth our time to dress it, install and test here in our dyno mule. Our loss is your g...

    Price - $3,000.00

    Time Left - 192 Days, 13 Hours

  8. 1990-05 Sixed And Balanced Set Of Connecting Rods

    Today was rod grouping day! We have more than we need right now. The number reason home builders engines fail is the connecting rods being out of round or sized incorrectly. I have two sets of rods for sale. Both sets are matched within .001 in length. 1 gram in total weight. They are sized for best performance and reliability. $150 per set plu...

    Price - $150.00

    Time Left - 73 Days, 15 Hours