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  1. Jim Dragos Personal 2005 Spec Miata

    [color=rgb(5,5,5)][font='Segoe UI Historic'][size=5][font=inherit]This car has won more Super tour races than any other car during the last two years, The NASA Championship, the Hoosier Super tour championship, the June Sprints and was arguably the fastest car at this years Runoffs, car was top 3 in every qualifying session. If you are looking p...

    Price - $42,500.00

    Time Left - 353 Days,

  2. Hoosier Tires, 2-3 Session, None More Than 3

    I dismounted every tire we had and mounted stickers for the runoffs.. I have two sets of sm-7 with one 2 cycles each I have two sets of sm-7.5 with 3 cycles All tires in excellent shape $250 a set plus $75 shipping to middle america, 100 to the coasts. $450 for two sets plus shipping. Jim 901 647 1700

    Price - Offers

    Time Left - 335 Days, 3 Hours

  3. 99-00 Lip Spoiler

    [color=rgb(69,69,69)][font=tahoma][size=2][background=rgb(253,253,253)]Mazda Spec Miata OE-Style Front Lip (1999-2000)[/background][/size][/font][/color] [color=rgb(69,69,69)][font=tahoma][size=2][background=rgb(253,253,253)]Product from JAPAN made from high quality and flexible FRP. Gives a subtle but noticeable change to the look of the car b...

    Price - $299.00

    Time Left - 298 Days, 2 Hours

  4. Notch Out Panel

    [color=rgb(69,69,69)][font=tahoma][size=2][background=rgb(253,253,253)]We developed an insert that welds into the floor/tunnel area. This insert adds almost three inches of floor space to better mount your seat. Most seats in Miata's are mounted off center or crooked because of interference with the tunnel. Rather than beat the tunnel with a Big...

    Price - $165.00

    Time Left - 298 Days, 2 Hours

  5. Esr Ballast System

    [background=rgb(253,253,253)][size=2]After seeing many of the ways people install ballast in their cars, we decided there had to be a better way. What we decided to do is to secure the weight on the passengers side seat mounts. These mounts are designed to easily carry 200+ lbs securely. Our system comes with a steel base plate ( 19 lbs) that mo...

    Price - $165.00

    Time Left - 298 Days, 2 Hours

  6. 99-05 Torsen Swaps

    [color=rgb(69,69,69)][font=tahoma][size=2][background=rgb(253,253,253)]These swaps will bolt right into your 90-93 SM. This will replace the fragile Mazda Comp differential and give you years of worry free racing. The swap comes with all the parts necessary to install into your car. It comes with the 4:30 torsen differential, the aluminum housin...

    Price - $1,250.00

    Time Left - 298 Days, 2 Hours

  7. Esr Rebuilt Drag Free Calipers

    [color=rgb(69,69,69)][font=tahoma][size=2][background=rgb(253,253,253)]These are fully rebuilt and powder coated black. The emergency brake mechanism has completely been removed from all the rear calipers. These calipers are prepped to have as little drag as possible. They will look and perform better than any caliper on the market. These are th...

    Price - $100.00

    Time Left - 298 Days, 2 Hours

  8. Miatacage Installed In Damaged Donor

    I have a 99 miata shell with a miatacage installed. The car was not hit badly enough to compromise the cage in anyway, but not really a car that one should repair either. The left rail is kinked back to firewall and has left quarter panel damage. The bare shell with cage welded in $500.00. No we will not cut it out and ship. Tub will need to be...

    Price - $500.00

    Time Left - 240 Days, 21 Hours