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  1. 99 Spec Miata X Factor Runoffs Pole Car!!!

    [color=rgb(5,5,5)][font='Segoe UI Historic'][size=5][font=inherit]Hate to sell after how good the car has been to me.. but another opportunity came up that I couldn’t pass on.[/font][/size][/font][/color] [color=rgb(5,5,5)][font='Segoe UI Historic'][size=5][font=inherit]99 Spec Miata for sale! [font=inherit][url="https://www.facebook.com/groups...

    Price - $27,500.00

    Time Left - 351 Days, 4 Hours

  2. The Three Time National Championship Winning Car

    [font=Arial][size=1][background=rgb(253,253,253)][size=2]Rare opportunity to buy the most successful Spec Miata ever built… I've listed the pedigree below. It would be a major accomplishment to win one National title, this car has three! The car has only one race on the motor and transmission since being rebuilt after the runoffs. We removed the...

    Price - $42,000.00

    Time Left - 322 Days, 7 Hours

  3. Brand New Esr 1.8 99 Spec Miata Race Engine!

    This is a brand new ESR engine from a 99 Miata. Built by Jim Drago and never ran. The car sold before I was able to get the engine and now it has no use and is collecting dust. Never installed, never ran. 100% new. $5500 Freight shipping available Contact 4798791786

    Price - $5,500.00

    Time Left - 2 Hours, 12 Minutes