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Rebuilt Race Ready Transmissions

We are offering our Race ready rebuilt transmissions to the SM community. These transmission are fully gone through, All the synchros,sliders and shift forks are changed. We harden the shift forks for improved durability. We start with a street version, not a wore out trans that came out of a race car. We have sold over 350 of these transmissions and they really are the best out there. These aren't assembled by someone in their spare time, These are built by a professional who builds manual race boxes daily. They shift better than any I have ever driven and I have used them all. These transmissions have far less drag than any of the competitors units out there as well. They are set up perfectly and no detail is over looked.

We warranty all our transmissions for 60 days, races included. Who else does that?

We sell 90-05 transmissions, we don't need a core.

If you would like the showroom package of a bead blasting the case and new plated bolts please add $200, but IMO this is a complete waste of $$$ and not in my own car.

All boxes come with new hardened synchro springs and the counter shaft sleeve.
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Blue Printed Rear Knuckles

We are offering race ready ready knuckles. These come with new Mazda bearings, disassembled and cleaned and repacked with our racing grease that will reduce the drag. We then press them into the rear knuckle. We also install a new Mazda bushing. These are are ready to install on the car. These roll great! We do not re install rear dust seal.

These come with long studs or standard studs, please click the appropriate option.

Standard studs $250, long studs $285


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Center Window Net

The best center net on the market for your Miata! Comes standard with quick release D ring style pull and ratchet and is available in Polyester or Kevlar.


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ESS Fire Suppression System

This is a Non-Toxic, odorless, environmentally safe fire suppression system, that is biodegradable and leaves no residue. It gives off no toxic fumes and is harmless to the skin and eyes. This is the perfect solution for the SpecMiata!


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Carbotech Brake Pads

Simply the best brake pad for your Spec Miata! We now carry the full line of Carbotech brake pads. Based on Carbotech’s recommendations we offer the XP8, XP10, and XP12 for race applications. The hot setup for most cars at most tracks is the XP8 rear pad, and the XP10 front pad.


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Window Net Installation - Basic Kit

Window Net installation kit. – Spring loaded (front to rear) installation kit drops down from the top.


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Roll Cage Kit

Simply the best custom roll cage kit on the market for your SpecMiata. Engineered for safety while taking into account overall weight and ease of entry and exit.


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Carbon Fiber SpecMiata Seat

The ULTIMATE seat for a SM. After years of trying so shoe horn in seats to the SpecMiata's we decided to partner with one on the leading Carbon Fiber race car builders in the country and build our own seat that bolts directly into the stock mounting locations on the 90-05 Mazda Miata.


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Aluminum Seat Belt Collars

1.5" ID dual split collars to help keep seat belts and center net straps in their proper place. Attach these collars to the roll bar to help keep your belts and center net straps from sliding on the roll cage tubing during an impact. Made from Aluminum to keep weight down and dual split to make them easy to install.


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Fire Plates

Aluminum block off plates for the stock Miata soft top mounting towers. Laser cut for precision and anodized they look great in the car and are easy to install.