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Window Net Complete Mounting Kit

Just like our basic kit, but with a few upgrades. This is the simplest and cleanest way to safely mount a window net in a SpecMiata.


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Window Clips

These window clips were designed to bolt into your Miata in existing holes to allow you to use your stock door glass even if you have gutted the window hardware to accommodate nascar style door bars in your car.

Made from .125 aluminum, they are extremely lightweight and bolt into existing holes in the upper portion of the door. These pieces are water cut for precision and consistency and don't look like your 8th grader made them in shop class.

The existing holes in the door are slotted which give you the ability to adjust the clip vertically to get the perfect fit for your door glass. The tops of the clips are rounded, so they also have the ability to adjust their angle forward and back to achieve the very best fit where the glass rests on the aluminum.

Once installed, they are out of sight and allow you to simply set the glass back into the rubber channel from above the door. Once the glass is aligned in the horizontal rubber channel and vertical rubber channel at the front of the window support, the door glass rests on top of the aluminum and acts as though the window was in the fully rolled up position.

This allows for you to keep the inclement weather out of your race car when transporting it or storing it overnight at the racetrack. Once the upper Black plastic door trim/pad is installed, you can not see the clips at all.

Price is for 4 black anodized window clips.


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Wheel Spacers

Wheel Spacers - Our light weight Aluminum (6061 T6)wheel spacers are designed to fit snug on the hub and with a little space around the wheel studs to work with the stock studs or upgraded 7/16" wheel studs. Scalloped design to make them as light as possible, yet still giving the wheel a solid surface to sit on between the wheel and the hub.

The Miata comes from the factory wider in the rear than it is in the front to make the vehicle understeer to keep the general public out of trouble on the street. So, if you buy wheels that are 25mm offset which are the widest allowable track width you end up keeping the same out of square design with the rear still being wider than the front promoting understeer. We believe that purchasing wheels that are 35mm or narrower (higher offset number) allows us to tune the vehicle to our specific driving style and surface condition.

The SCCA rule allows for wheel spacers to be used as long as they are the same per axle. So, we like to square up the car by putting spacers on the front to make the front and rear equal or even putting more spacers on the front to make the front track wider than the rear.

All wheel spacers are delivered anadized in black in 1/4", 1/2", 3/8", and now 5mm width.

Price is for a quantity of 4.

* It is highly reccommended to use new longer length wheel studs with wheel spacers thicker than 1/4" to ensure proper torque ratings are achieved.
1/4" = $105.00
5mm = $105.00
3/8" = + $30.00
1/2" = + $60.00


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Tow Hook Lightweight - Front 90-05

This is our ultimate front tow hook. There are plenty of tow hooks on the market, but all of them require you to remove the stock Mazda tow hook. We really like the stock Mazda tow hooks that come on the car for tying the car down in the trailer. They are made from some really strong steel that does not seem to bend, and the angle that they are at make it easy for tying the car down.

We designed a lightweight aluminum tow hook that works with the exitsting stock tow hook. This lightweight tow hook, meets the SCCA requirements for tow hooks and uses a kevlar strap that moves out of the way to allow you to still use the stock tow hook to tie the car down. On the racetrack the kevlay strap hangs down in front of the stock front hook and when its time to go home, you just lift the kevlar strap up and then you can access the stock tow hook to tie the car down in the trailer.

This tow hook works on all Miata's from 1990-2005 and is a simple bolt on installation. The aluminum is anadized Red, and the kevlar strap is black.

Even though the Tow Hook is extremely light in weight, it is designed to install on the passenger side of the car to help offset driver weight.


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Gold Level Donation ($100.00)

A Donation of $100.00 Support from our members are used to help offset the cost of running the MazdaRacers.com


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Silver Level Donation ($75.00)

A Donation of $75.00 Support from our members are used to help offset the cost of running the MazdaRacers.com


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Bronze Level Donation ($50.00)

A Donation of $50.00 Support from our members are used to help offset the cost of running the MazdaRacers.com