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Brake Calipers

These are fully rebuilt and powder coated black. The emergency brake mechanism has completely been removed from all the rear calipers. These calipers are prepped to have as little drag as possible. They will look and perform better than any caliper on the market. These are the same calipers we use on all of our cars. We have these calipers available for SM's 1990-2005. Each caliper is sold separately and the core charge is per caliper. Front calipers are $125.00 per and rear calipers are $150.00 per caliper

CORE CHARGE:. $50.00 per caliper, we will refund the $50 once the cores are returned.


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Carbotech Brake Pads

Simply the best brake pad for your Spec Miata! We now carry the full line of Carbotech brake pads. Based on Carbotech’s recommendations we offer the XP8, XP10, and XP12 for race applications. The hot setup for most cars at most tracks is the XP8 rear pad, and the XP10 front pad.


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Brake Banjo

An Iron Canyon Motorsports exclusive. We needed these for our cars and had a few extra manufactured in the process. Nobody but ICM has a 303 Stainless Steel banjo bolt with a 1/8 NPT fitting for a M10x1 threaded master cylinder. We know. We looked Posted Image. The ICM Brake Pressure Sender Adapter replaces an existing banjo bolt on the master cylinder and allows the use of a 1/8 NPT pressure sensor for measuring braking force. No cutting of critical brakelines or introduction of additional failure points in a critical system. Some are even drilling and tapping the master cylinder to install a sensor. As our class doesn't allow use of a proportioning valve you really only need to monitor a single point to pick up the brake pressure. Clean and easy.