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really cool health, diet and exercise site

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Jim Drago

Jim Drago

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I usually would not put something like this up.. But this site is awesome and free. You can track weight, exercise, measurements, nutrients and mineral intake, cholesterol intake, literally everything you can imagine with every report imaginable. Literally any food and brand of food imaginable is in the data base. It is set up kind of like facebook, friends can see what you like.

The site is http://www.myfitnesspal.com

My user name is jdrago1, check it out, I think you will like it.

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    do they sell spec training wheels yet?

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That's actually pretty cool. Way better than the binder or marble notebook I use while working out

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Neat site. I've been using Training Peaks for a few years. (that is, when I do follow a schedule..) The guys at Pit Fit turned me on to it.

A couple months back my docs put me on a modified South Beach diet. I was 307 at the time. Yesterday I was 259. It's not like a diet in the traditional sense, I just eat differently and eat different things.




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Coincidentally, I just started using this after it was recommended by fit friends and my trainer. It's good, but simple and not super configurable.

For example, different listings of the same food have dramatically different nutrition and contents. And it's a pain to add foods for the first time.

Worst, they don't automatically calculate calories from weight training. Yes, it's hard to generalize, but resistance traing is a big part of most people's workout and energy consumption. Don't omit this!

However, these shortcomings can be overcome with minor effort. ANY food and exercise diary is much better than none, and this does make it easy.

Glad to hear others enjoy the ability to post and share. I don't really get it - who wants to read "G-Man is just slightly less of a lardbutt than yesterday."

Bench Racer

Bench Racer

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A very good friend has gone from 240 to 190 since about mid April 2011 following the French Dukan high-protein, low fat diet. He has also eliminated beer from his life & he does not know what the word excercise is other than driving his Spec Miata & F production Miata.
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