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Hooser vs Toyo this weekend at Sebring!

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Rules suck sometimes, especially in Spec Miata. The worst rule of all is the different spec tire between SCCA and NASA. Remember the days when we could race SCCA or NASA using the same tire? Well, we can do this again now!

In an effort to make our Sebring event this coming weekend even better, I've worked with NASA Florida to offer two special deals to those who might need an excuse to go racing this weekend at Sebring!
  • The first detail we worked out was to figure out a way for SM racers who have the SCCA spec Hoosier SM7 or SM6 tires to race SM with us. We've accomplished this by creating a new FL region only class called "SMH" designed for those on Hoosier SM7's or 6's. Basically, you'll be racing with the NASA Spec Miata's, but scored separately as to not skew the results of the racers going for season points and contingencies on the NASA spec Toyo RR tires. There will be no season points accumulation, or contingencies like there is in the regular NASA SM class, but more or less a "Fun Run" that will give you the opportunity to score some great track time and enjoy some fun racing!
  • The second deal is to provide a full refund on the purchase price of a 2014 NASA race license good for the rest of the 2014 calendar year. This will allow you to "try us out" for the last event of the 2014 NASA FL season, and also any other NASA events in 2014 (like the NASA SE event at Daytona in November). Quite simply, if you register for SMH for this weekends race, you'll be refunded the $85 license fee after the weekend. 
What does this all get you? So, for the $325 entry fee, you'll receive a warm-up, two qualifying sessions (one Sat, one Sun), and 4 separate sprint races (two 25min on Saturday, and two 35min on Sunday) totaling 3 hours of track time! That's easily one of the best track time to cost ratios in Florida! Add to that the ability to NOT have to buy a separate set of tires and come out and enjoy some known good Sebring Spec Miata racing! 
As this is a last minute deal, you must act fast and register by 9pm on Tuesday Sep 30 (tomorrow night). This will allow NASA the appropriate time to get your paperwork filed before the event. 
So if you're ready to join us - Hoosers or Toyos - please get registered ASAP using this link to the NASA National website event entry page. 
Be sure to choose "SMH" if you're going to be using Hoosier SM7's or 6's. Also, remember that your license costs will be refunded AFTER the event, so during checkout you'll see a total cost of $325 (entry fee) + $85 (license) $410 total. After the event, the $85 will be refunded to your card. 
Hope to see some of you take advantage of these offers and to see some new faces at the track this weekend! Let me know if you have any questions.
John Adamczyk
NASA Florida SM Director


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John Adamczyk
Owner/Driver - 5X Racing

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