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Free Dyno Time in StL

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Sadly there are very few SM racers in our area and no established SM shops, but we try to help those we can to the degree we are able. So this is an invitation to those we know and those we haven't yet met. If you would like to get your car on the dyno for tuning, or just for some baseline numbers and a general checkup, PM me and we'll make arrangements. We're pretty busy and we can't have the doors open when it's super cold out, but with some lead time we are usually able to block some time and get someone on when we plan to have it running anyway.

Keep in mind that we have a Dyna Pack so our numbers are a little different from what the most popular shops would get, but we can apply some corrections and also compare to other SMs we have done. This dyno also provides a lot of features not available on most of the popular roller types so we can simulate various conditions and even "live tune", making adjustments under load to find the sweet spots a critical points. If you haven't done a leak-down test we can also help with that, and even make a quick pass over the scales if you don't have any.

Obviously if there were dozens of local SM racers we couldn't accommodate them all, but unfortunately that isn't a problem, so if you are willing to travel a little distance to St. Louis drop us a line.

BTW, we are only a few hours from Jim in Memphis and Sam at Springfield Dyno. I am not looking to take business from either. Both are highly experienced SM tuning shops using the "standard" type of dyno and worth every penny if they are within your range, so I recommend them even over free time here.
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