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Forced Air Helmets - recommendations?

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Anyone have any recommendations on forced air helmets?


I think I want a top mount helmet since I'm trying to keep my head cool, not force air into my face.  Assuming I understand how these work...


Do the intakes decrease head room?

Is it easy to hook up the hose while seated in the car?

Does the hose interfere with halo seats?


I've seen some helmets that have the intake off-center.  Is that better than top mount?

Example: https://pyrotectstor...rced-air-sa2015


Given the intake is on the left side of the helmet, I'm concerned that this will be too close to the roll cage downtube...



The Zamp RZ 62 has the intake on top but seems to be low profile compared to others:


The cheaper Zamp looks like it adds 1-2 inches in height which could be annoying in a Miata



The G Force seems low profile too:



Advice is appreciated!  Thanks

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You're asking questions that should be common sense to you and questions that only you or those that personally know you and your car/seat could provide a response.

  • How much headroom do you currently have?
  • What seat do you have and how will a hose route around it to the helmet air vent?
  • Is there room for a vent, will it bother you?
  • Do any of these helmets fit you properly?

Whether anyone has used them and found them effective is a fair question. Whether it will work for YOU, I think you'll need to look at these things and figure it out for yourself.



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