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It begins..... 2012

Posted by Jim Daniels - FIG , 10-17-2011 · 1,135 views

It was a long 2011 season with many up and down moments and a total lack of time to post on the sites. I did my best to answer direct questions and stay current on FB. We had two wins, the rookie of the year and was voted best team for the 2011 World-Challenge season. Along the way I teted the cars at 8 venues and raced them myself at two GA weekends, was a great time. Not bad for a sophomore year as a team either. Today I'm torn between 2011 thoughts with Thunderhill 25 hour planning (my WC drivers and I in a E1 MX5 with AMG) as I wake up in Birmingham for the 2012 Grand-Am test. Between the two series, SCCA WC and Grand-AM, and the coaching/testing I did this year I was away racing for a record 22 weekends. It took me a couple weeks to unwind but now its time to get back at it.

In 2012 we have a Mazda related Internet/pod cast to develop for a weekly show, two cars to build (Mustang & Maz3) for WC TC and GTS competition, 4 BSpec Mazdas to finish for the new Grand-AM series and about 20 SM/SM5ers to coach and help with winter car prep. I added AMG/Jason Hoover as a client/partner for 2012 to coach and do data on the MX5s and Bspec as well. I'm really looking forward to that effort and some other irons he and I have in the fire. Providing the BSpec rules allow me to drive I plan on racing all the Grand-Am events in 2012. If the rule prevents, then I will build something for the Runoffs.

Then there is the LMPC effort on the fringe for 2013 with a Sebring demo test in a month. I might not be racing full time but am getting to drive some really cool cars and better yet, gaining lots of experience being exposed to engineers and other talented folks that my personal racing budget could never allowed.

On the home front, kids are both on the honor roll at college, Teri is holding down the family biz which is again growing and life is good!

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