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the good , the bad, and the ridiculous!

Posted by Dr.Dan , 04-20-2011 · 4,810 views

First race of the year. Very excited. so things to do first. Put in side net, check. get new rubber and wheels, check. go out on track and have fun. nope. car was over heating. the steam pipe was clogged. qauled ok, but slow. still learning the car and the brakes suck. to grabby.. I change the booster. that seemed to help. First race it seems I have yet to solve an oil overflow problem. Lap three, lots if smoke at T5. I pull off. get out cause it looks like a fire of something. I grab the extingisher, open the hood nad just before I see steam. WTF. I open it and MER had put a cheap plastic hose adaptor onto the expansion tank and it melted and deformed. nowhere near the small header fire. It cracked, and put the fire out. amazing bit of bad and good luck. The irony! So, we fix that, and that, and other things. and go out for race 2 qual. now I've got it figured out a bit. take 4+second off my first qual time. Come back in. real happy. finally seems ok. hugs all around as everyone knows the bad stuff.. Waitng for the afternoon race and I start the car to check something and a noise appears.. uh oh? Turns out a plug is bent. only one way that can happen. bad bearing. this motor was a gm performance crate. usually reliable. now it need rebuilding after just a few laps. I'm sick about it and have little energy to give the car..I need a break.

04-20-2011 09:14 AM
This has me sick... I don't even know where to begin. So many things were built half-ass on that car, but I don't know what/how that would result in a damaged engine with so little time on it. :( :( :( It seems cursed.

You mentioned that you don't think there's a rev limiter? The stock PCM definitely has a 6200 or 6400 rev limit, so they would have had to purposefully remove that for the PCM not to intercede and allow you to over-rev the engine.

Ugh. I guess you should call Scoggins-Dickey before opening any part of the engine to see what they say. I'm afraid of what we're going to see when we drain the oil. :(
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It's parts only and it has to be repaired at a GM dealer. so there shop rate would not cut it.. Steve bought me a hoist figuring that if i have one, I won't need it. Made me laugh..Nice man..On the plus side I got a new rearend for $350
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Charlie Hayes
04-21-2011 10:44 PM
Ugh, this sucks. I hope you get it figured out so you can be running for the next race. :)
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Thanks CH. I doubt it.
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Wow. You have worse luck than I do.
Good luck getting it back together.
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Pulled the motor with Steve holifields help. Two hr.s. getting good at it..@$$%$#@!$!!!!,. Not a ton of brass in the oil. One would expect some from a new motor. Could not get it to the eng. builder today, so I have to wait a week. One good thing is I get to really clean all the oil out of the eng. compartment... yip the f, EEE. I should change my picture to a middle age pissed off guy.
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Well after all this time it's finally going back on the road. we finally found the right piston. scoggins dickey was no help. I was not in a hurry anyway as I moved my dental office. That was a ton of work and required my full attention. Lisa and I also bought a new 2nd homeinSonoma so, party at my place after Infineon races!..

Track day on Monday to run the motor.
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