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Goofy curbside attractions for summer travel - Pt. 1

Posted by Xurisfima , 07-05-2012 · 4,038 views

Tired of the mountains and the beaches and the theme parks? Want to take a family road trip this summer but are not sure what to do? Try some of these oddball roadside sights that spice up the American highways. Will you be trying to sell or purchase a new or used auto? If this could be you, do yourself a favor and look into Courtesy used cars Brooklyn. Want to know find out more about Courtesy Ford? Look into our website here.

The East coast sights

In order to produce the Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida, Latvian Edward Leedskalnin needed 1,100 tons of hand-carved coral. The beautiful structure far outweighs the story, but the reason behind the structure goes as follows: The man was rejected from his fiancée the day before the marriage. He moved to a new nation and built a monument dedicated to their love.

In 1991, Lucy the Elephant was built to advertise real estate. The elephant is 65 feet high on the beach at Margate, N.J. It has stairs running up her legs to get to a bunch of rooms in the abdomen. She has been a hotel, a tavern and a summer home since she was built.

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The Hare Krishna guru, Srila Prabhupada, was once worshiped in the New Vrindaban temple. It was a Palace of Gold, and is still decorated with Asian-styled structures. It is open to the public now.

The Boston Wharf is the home to one of the nation's many giant milk bottle structures. Currently used as an ice cream stand for the adjoining Children's Museum, it is said to be able to hold 50,000 gallon milk bottles inside.

There are other giant milk bottles you can locate all over the country. There are two in Spokane, Washington. One of them was burned badly in 2011 and has been refurbished as a restaurant and ice cream stand now. There are also giant milk bottles in Richmond, Va., and Oklahoma City.

Bunyan and Babe

Bunyan and Babe sights could be seen in Bemidji, Minn. And Klamath, Calif.; however, they are nothing like the statue you will find in Bangor, Maine. The Paul Bunyan character was believed to have come from that area, and there is a massive statue with Babe, his ox.

Bunyan can be seen all over the nation, but he is not always holding an ax. In fact, he has been redone to show all sorts of items all over the country. There are literally hundreds of them around.

There is more to them in part two of this piece.

Tourists in the South

There is a 33-foot tall chair on top of a furniture store in Anniston, Ala., which is most likely a good place for Bunyan to sit.

There are ten messages to guide humanity located on the Georgia Guidestones in Elbert County, GA. Occasionally, the enormous monument of granite is called the “American Stonehenge.” There are eight total languages on the monument, and four of them are ancient languages. They consist of Egyptian hieroglyphs, Sanskrit, Babylonian and Classical Greek.

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