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FMSC - A Forza 4 Spec Miata Championship *interest*

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Friday nights 6pm Pacific - 9pm Eastern - GMT 2:00 Saturday

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Click here to view registrations.

Race Calendar

All races have a green flag race time of: Friday 9pm EST - Saturday 01:00 GMT
  • Pre-season race - October 14th - Indianapolis Road Course 2.6 miles/ 4.19km

    18 laps = 75km
  • October 21st - Hockenheimring National 2.2 miles/ 3.54km

    21 laps= 75km
  • October 28th - Infineon Raceway Cup (NASCAR) - 1.99 miles/ 3.2km

    23 laps = 75km
  • November 4th - Catulyuna National 1.85/ 2.98km

    25 laps = 75 km
  • November 11th - Road Atlanta Full mini-enduro - 2.54/ 4.08km

    31 laps = 125km
  • November 18th - Tsukuba Full 1.27 miles/ 2.04 km

    38 laps = 75km

    *Holiday week break*
  • December 2nd - Sebring Club 1.7 miles/ 2.73 km

    27 laps = 75km
  • December 9th - Suzuka West 2.15 miles/ 3.46 km

    22 laps = 75km
  • December 16th - Laguna Seca mini-enduro - 2.24 miles/ 3.6km

    35 laps = 125km
Car Specifications

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Room Settings


  • Environment = Schedule
  • Track = Schedule
  • Max Players = 16
  • Laps = Schedule
  • Damage Difficulty = Cosmetic
  • Collision Mode = On
  • End of Race Timer = 160 seconds
Advanced Rules:

  • Scoring Type = Time Based
  • Compare Best Lap Scores = No
  • Grid Ordering = TBD
Car Restrictions:

  • Allow Upgrades = Yes
  • Car Class = D
  • Performance Index (more or equal) = 304
  • Performance Index (less) = 305
  • Make = Mazda
  • Model = MAZDA MX-5 Miata '94

Click this button in order to view this week's qualifying registry:
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Qualifying is still being determined at this time. So we'll first just let you know what we'd like to do before we actually get our hands on the game: In order to achieve the closest field of competition possible we will do away with the club-style format that utilize "driver slots" that anyone can claim. We're going to use a qualify-for-your-spot format.

When a driver registers, they're not guaranteed a spot on the grid for the race. A driver must make the top 16 cut-off, or "bubble", time in order to make it in each week.

The actual qualifying session is a "live" (meaning online in the presence of a Capable Host) sole qualifier.

Drivers will have 4 laps to set their best time. 1 warm-up lap, 2 flying laps, then 1 cool-down lap. Only your best time from the 2 flying laps will be taken if clean. Dirty times will have a standard 3 second penalty added to them. You only get once chance for that week's race to qualify, so choose your time wisely.

It's similar to NASCAR style qualifying where one driver and car is out on the track at a time in order to set their fastest time within a limited amount of laps. This system involves one (or up to three drivers depending on the track length) being let out on the track for that week then having a race start (since there's no free run) and be observed by the Capable Host.
A Capable Host is someone who the administrators of the series trust to know the procedure of qualifying well enough to host sessions without the presence of the admins. They will be asked to become CH's privately once they have shown beyond a doubt that they are qualified enough to become one.

This is what the ideal process of qualifying each week will be:
A driver can submit a qualifying time through out the race week which typically starts the day after the the last race. The deadline will be Midnight on Thursdays Pacific time. Drivers will have the entire week leading up to the race on Friday to practice and then contact a Capable Host in order to set up a public room in order to do their qualifying runs in a controlled environment.

Group sessions are allowed in that the qualifying room isn't limited only to the person qualifying. We only ask that all mics be turned off during qualifying runs of others as to not interrupt their laps or be penalized.
There will be instances where one "qualifying room" will become host to a number of drivers all there waiting for their turns to set their times.

(from the previous GT5 version of the series)
2 Lap Live Exhibition Qualifying:
Drivers only have one attempt at setting their fastest lap so choose the time you qualify carefully. Any laps or sessions disrupted by disconnections or network failures will not be counted what so ever. Even if you just crossed the line on your second flying lap.

Procedure: A capable host will open a qualifying room.

When the qualifying room is ready to start a session we will let one or two (depending on room size) chosen drivers go out one at a time (to give eachother room). When the qualifying session begins on track, one driver will be chosen to start their out lap first and the second driver will be told to hold on the line for 20 seconds until they can start.
All other visitors in the room will simply observe the session, mics must be off.

The room will be set to a 4 lap race. Only laps 2 and 3 will count as qualifying "flying lap" times.

The driver's fastest lap will set their qualification. Your official valid time will then be put up on a Google Doc's spreadsheet containing all times for the week. Your time will be sorted among the other competitor's through out the qualifying week up to deadline.
A link to the sheet "qualifying registry" will be posted here shortly for you to bookmark. The easy to remembery bitly link will be: (http://bit.ly/fmsclivequalifying).

Qualification will be floating format:
You can choose to qualify during any time of the week after the prior race (Friday night) up to Midnight, Pacific time, on Thursday night.

Qualifying will always be done with limited damage and on the mid-day versions of tracks we visit that feature variable time.
I'm allowing anyone that I deem qualified enough to hold qualifying sessions. These people will be called "Capable Hosts". They will set up the rooms properly, set your session on, save the replay and submit the time to our qualification time spreadsheet.

It's a very liberal system that takes the stress off of people needing to wait for the head of the series to be around. I will not allow new drivers I don't know or people who aren't trustworthy to be capable hosts. The list will be kept at the top of the OP under the "Race stewards" title.
Any capable host can note the time and post the official ranking in the thread

The race will have a rolling start in order to implement our qualifying order. The grid order to the room will be set to random so when we start the race we'll communicate each other's positions over the mics in order to get ourselves in the correct running order. Then we will do one formation lap in double file @ exactly 55mph/90kmh until we reach the front straight.
Like so:
Posted Image

Pole sitter must lead the pack effectively and not leave anyone behind. The pole sitter decides when the race starts. Once everyone is on the front straight the pole position driver (or a designated started) will countdown from 3 and the race will start on their "go."

Each race will have one mandatory pit stop. You can not pit on the first two or last two laps. Wou will be disqualified if you do not abide by these rules.

A restart can only occur if the following happens:
  • The lobby has been setup incorrectly
  • A driver lags out within the first 3 laps (for Race's 4 and 8, this is the first lap only)
  • Racing collision involving 4 or more cars within the first 3 laps (for Race's 4 and 8, this is the first lap only)
  • Large lag related crash within the first 3 laps (for Race's 4 and 8, this is the first lap only)
Championship Format

Points system:
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1 point for fastest lap - 1 point for pole position -

The points table for the series will be a self-calculating Google Docs spreadsheet that currently being designed.

Lagouts and Retirements:
If you do not complete the race through whatever reason, you will be classified as a retirement and your finishing position will be determined by the 75% rule, whereby if you retire before 75% race completion, you will receive last placed points overall with the lap you retired on determining your position amongst other drivers of a similar situation. However, if you retire after 75% race completion, you will receive last placed points for your lobby. With subsequent grids based on finishing results, retirees will probably start the following race in the next room below, unless there were more than 3 retirements, of which case the laps retired on will determine room placement.

Connection Problems:
If you cannot connect to your race room, you will receive last placed points for your qualifying room upon completing the Connection Confliction procedure stated below. This will be for the first 2 conflicts only, upon which you will then only receive overall last placed points.

Racing etiquette

A full list of racing guidelines will be posted here in the coming days.

Posted Image


Having a good connection will directly dictate how good your racing experience will be and so it is vital that it is the best it possibly can be. Many factors can affect the quality of the connection from bandwidths, signal strength and NAT settings, so please take the time to read this Connection Guide and enhance the experience.

If you cannot connect properly on race day, then it will not be delayed. Conflictions with other racers preventing access to rooms will need to be sorted by those in question, and those 1 or 2 racers will need to sort their problems or they will not be allowed to race. The person with the better qualifying will be allowed to race, as long as he does not conflict with others. If a confliction prevents two or more other drivers from participating, then that driver in question will not be allowed to race. It is strongly recommended to get online 30 minutes before race time to work out any connection problems.

If there is a confliction within your race room, you must find out who the confliction is with. The Room Host will invite all his drivers to the room, with the driver who cannot get in then proceeding to open a new room. He will then invite a driver from the room and wait for him to gain access, before inviting another driver. The process is repeated until the confliction is found, of which the driver with the better qualifying will be permitted to race, and the excluded driver receiving points based on Connection Confliction points. This process should not take longer than 5 minutes.

If you have any questions or queries regarding any aspect of the series, get in contact with the Series Organiser or the Series Support Team. Alternatively, Race Stewards are available and they will be able to either answer your question or point you in the right direction. Either PM them on the forum or send them a message on XBL, but do not send a friends request as this will not be accepted if we don't know you, or we don't have room. A message will be read though.




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I knew there must be another group of Forza drivers running a Spec Miata league. Hi FMSC, my name is Dave and I represent SMFL. We've been running weekly SM races in Forza 3 for the past 1.5 years. We're much smaller though, only 6-10 drivers. We've been hoping to find more players, but it already seems you have quite a list built up. Maybe we could join you for a few races, or visa versa.

We were however hoping to run somewhat quicker miatas in FM4. One complaint we always had with the old E-Class build, was that they weren't as competitive as they should have been in E. As such, we've been working on a D350 which is pretty quick and competitive in D. Does changing the spec sound at all interesting to you? Here was our rationale: We loved our miatas and we wanted to be able to use them more than just for our own SMT races. Don't get us wrong, we loved the spec miatas in FM3, but we really feel that a spec miata should be a dominant car in D. It sucked outdriving the competition only to lose because our car was down on points. We do understand that the miatas and their times will be a little faster than they should be, but it will still be a spec series since we'll all be running it.

Also, huge fan of the rules, very comprehensive. We had a couple things different, but mostly the same. Contact me back here, or hit me up on XBL - my gamertag is kudomaster43. Hope to hear from FMSC soon. Cheers.


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im in
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May I offer this setup?

1994 Mazda Miata


Race Springs and Dampers: 700lb/in front and 325lb/in rear. Damping is free.
Race Sway Bars: Set to 27 front and 15 rear.
Camber/Caster/Toe are free.
Full Roll Cage
Remove Pre-Installed Street Weight Reduction and Add Stock
Street Brakes (already installed in F4)

-Engine/Drivetrain Modifications-

Remove Pre-installed Street Filter and Install Stock Filter
Remove Pre-installed Street Flywheel and Install Stock
Street Oil and Cooling (already installed in F4)
Street Clutch (already installed in F4)
Remove Pre-installed Street Transmission and Install Stock
Remove Pre-installed Street Driveline and Install Stock
Stock Torsen Differential Remains


Install Sport Tyre Compound
Upgrade Front and Rear Wheel/Tyre Sizes to 205/50R15
Add whichever aftermarket wheels that you like, keeping the car's weight above 2365lbs.


All aero must remain stock.

You will end up with a PI of D301.
Curb Weight: 2365lbs or above.
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