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Toyo RRs and HCs

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Johnny D

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Ran Thunderhill April 26 with cooler temps on 12 HC, finished 2nd doing 207.472, P1 did 207.388


Ran same tires this weekend with hotter temps in the 90's, seemed to push. 

I did a front perch adj. 1/2 down and was 208.887, for the race with 15 HC, On my 8th lap.

Really a hand full with push, snap loose spin on lap 2 and 9 I think. Wrong adj ?

Bought new rubber for Sunday, no adj. was on rails but got 208.815 also on my 8th lap.


Found the drop off HC point?

Still good for cooler temp, they're in the bone yard?

Should of loosened for new rubber?

Nut behind wheel can only go that fast?

Thoughts ??


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The drop off HC point is very track dependent.  Wish I could help with tracks out your way.  At Mid Ohio, Grattan, and Autobahn, they will run the fastest laps with the most amount of heat cycles.


I never adjust handling for age of tires.  I usually have a new set and an old set on hand.  All the tracks we run on like one or the other, and the setup change isn't worth a lot.  


That's all I've got

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Chad Martin

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We observed the same thing as Justin.  At many places the RA-1 and now the RR have proven to be fastest right before they cord.   Autobahn, Mid-O, Brainerd, MAM and road America.


I think the grip comes up as the tire ages some, but mostly i think it plateaus.  My educated guess is they get faster with less rubber because the tire gets lighter and provides more response and feedback.  Only have the lap times to back up this theory, no direct evidence.



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If you dropped the front perches I assume you then made the coresponding adjustments to camber and toe in the front? If we are pushing, we would raise the rear of the car to avoid having to realign the front end.


For HC, we see stickers peak at lap 4 and fall off a bit and stabilize after that. Tires seem consistent until just about to cord regardless of HC count. Difference in time is a second. This is from very weak data and should be taken with salt.

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