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1999 Pulling timing

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I'm getting 23.5 at WOT according to the ECU.  Is 28-28.5 what the ECU is supposed to think, or do I add the 4-5 degrees of additional advance, in which case it looks about right now?

If you are reading the data from the ECU it will read 23.5. When you take it to the dyno have somebody stand outside with a timing light as you do a pull. You should see 28 or 28.5 total timing rock solid. If it is there is nothing wrong with the timing. However, while you are on the dyno make sure the butterflies snap open at roughly 5500. They should open and not float around. I have had the check valve go bad more than once and will certainly cause low TQ. 

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Both of my 99s do the exact same thing however there is nothing wrong with them. Solid at 15 and as soon as it reaches 180 F the timing is reduced by 8/10 degrees as it switches maps.  If you put the car on a dyno and check it at WOT you will see the total timing is rock solid at 28/28.5 right where it should be. You can change all of the parts you want but you will not get it to stop doing it. I actually changed everything in my car (everything including all wiring) and it still does it. That is when it was suggested to take it to the dyno. The car make the same HP/TQ as the rest and the timing is right where it should be under a load all the way to read line. I never looked for a resistor as Drago suggested and that might stop it but under power it makes no difference. By the way I had multiple engine people look at it and all said they had never seen anything like it. That includes Ti-Speed and Jeff over at Auto Technics yet I have two cars that do the exact same thing and both with new Ti-Speed engines



Is there a solution to this or is it not a big deal. With a OBD Scangauge mine does the same thing but the map switch happens at 175 F. Timing goes from 10 (ECU Timing) to 0 with a noticeable change in engine tone (at idle). At WOT timing is correct at 23 on OBD reader. 




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I chased this problem on one of my cars for months. I never solved it and I still don't understand why this car pulled timing when others did not. Many hours and dollars spent to no avail. In the end the car ran like a beast and dynoed quite well so we just ran it. 

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