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HSST@Buttonwillow Raceway

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I rarely find cheated up parts on pointy end cars that come into my shop. Now mid and back of the pack cars histotcaly not so much.
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Here's my view from the back of the pack.  My car is as 100% legal as I know how to make it.  If anybody thinks I'm missing something feel free to point it out (publicly is fine) and I'll fix it.  I know the guys up front are at least "tech shed" legal or "other than weenie protest" legal and that's where my focus is.  I really don't care if the guy I'm racing for 20th place is legal, I'm looking forward.  If it did bother me I could protest.


I show up in a light-duty pickup pulling a 14+2' open trailer.  The bed is loaded with tires, fuel, ramps, a jack, an EZ-UP and sometimes a pit bike if I can fit it in there.  In the extended cab I have a gear bag, a suitcase, a camping chair, a jump pack/compressor, a small hand toolbox with nothing larger than 14mm, and a tote with a torque wrench, impact, 17mm impact socket for the car, 21mm impact socket for the trailer, tire gauge, paper towels, glass cleaner, a couple rags, infrared pyrometer, tire pyrometer, 1/4" drive socket set, and sometimes some rags and Honda polish in case I feel like cleaning the car from the open trailer tow when I get to the track.  In the passenger seat I have a cooler and usually a laptop bag and a backpack.


I don't have any room for spares or the equipment to do major work at the track.  If my car breaks I go home.  I don't like doing work at the track anyway.  I don't even bring jackstands.  I prefer to take my time and do things right in the (semi-)clean environment of my garage at home.  I DNS'd two kart races for what turned out to be a fouled spark plug both times because I didn't want to mess with it at the track.  I just upped the PM schedule so that didn't happen again.  I don't think I've ever had another mechanical failure on any vehicle at the track in my life.


I actually do know how to do this stuff.  What about the guys that don't?  If the SCCA wanted to tear my car down at the end of the weekend and hand me my parts back in a box, I would be okay with that as long as they helped me push it on the trailer - sucks for the guys that have to pay someone to put it back together.  It's expecting me to do it myself at the track that bothers me.  I actually used to win kart races and had my motor torn down once in awhile.  I never touched it.  The tech guys would take it apart under my observation.  I had a local engine builder that was proud to put it back together for no charge.  I could usually get someone at the track from his area to drop the box off at his house and bring it back the next race.


Anyhow, I'm interested to hear the outcome of these DQs.  Sorry if this rant is in the wrong place.  Chances are this will never happen to me but it is something I worry about with all the talk going on.  This amateur racing is turning semi-pro and I feel like I need a fully equipped race transporter to come play.  See you at Midohio.  I wish it wasn't a Super Tour.  If I win the Kohler award that might be the end of my SCCA season.




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To any Socal SCCA racers that need assistance with post race tech come see us. Any race are at we will be happy to assist with the tech process on a pro bono basis. Embrace the tech! It is a good thing.

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