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2017 Runoffs tech process

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For what it is worth if you get to a major or big race and you get the lucky draw, there are people at the track that can help you for the cost of a good steak dinner so enjoy and hope you get to the point you get a tech slip

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This kind of stuff is discouraging to new comers. Disassemble the transmission and diff? Is there really sometime in history when a person had a transmission with a different gear set or coated gears? Give me a break.

Regionally the tech will be almost non existent in many cases.  Worst case might be a part from the outside of the block.  A gear box is an extreme case. It's relatively easy to tumble and coat the gears and people do it all the time.   Some allow it, SM does not.  Until you start finishing up front you'll likely only get weighed and checked for stickers and maybe tires or fuel every now and again.


Here's one of the processes...




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...When you start winning then just make sure your stuff is good! 


Your stuff should be good before you start winning.

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Domm Leuci
--because someone commented that we should all post our names, and not be anonymous. I agree.
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Your stuff should be good before you start winning.

Exactly.  When I bought my wife a SM, she started at the back as a newbie like everyone else.  At the first transmission replacement, I found that the previous owner had installed a cheater light weight flywheel on the car.  3 lbs light due to very tricky machining that goes unnoticed unless you remove the pressure plate.  It went in the garbage.  She will move up with skill, not cheating.  

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