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NASA Champs Eastern States @ Sebring - SMACK

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I few years ago on this site someone posted a video taken within a racing Corvette on track. Open visor, bird to windshield, smashed windshield, first thing driver did was reached to his eyes with both hands. Needless to say, shattered glass in eyes.


A few years ago I had cataract surgery on one eye, everything went perfect. A couple years later I had cataract surgery on the other eye. First couple days after everything was tracking same as first eye. Third day after surgery I became blind in the eye. I could visually see light concrete and dark grass. Couldn't view someone's cloths, face or any other color differences. Had to wait 3 months for two specific surgeon's to be available on same date for further surgery. I'm here to tell YOU ALL who drive with open visors close them before something happens. It was not easy to keep my mind in the correct place for 3 months when I had vision in only one eye. Holly $hit thoughts of only having one eye and thinking about loosing vision in the one good eye. End result after the second surgery, everything returned to normal.    

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Yeah...I was always a "visor up" kinda guy.  Last year, I can't recall which track, I was following someone who dropped two wheels after a dry spell---Kicked up a sh*t ton of dirt and debris.  Some got inside the helmet and in one eye.  It took a few seconds to clear the dust out of my right eye.  Slammed the visor down, and kept it there ever since. 


It took a few laps to adjust to it.  Mostly I found the change in sound disconcerting.  I think it was just the way the engine sounds...I think I rely on the engine sound for part of my "entry speed perception" for brake release and turn-in.  It took maybe a session or so to adjust to the new timbre with the visor down and be back to my usual slow self. 

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I ran motorcycles for quite some time and it's not the visor that bothers me, it's the lack of airflow in the car. I need to look into some sort of forced air system. I caught a piece of hot brake material in my eye at one point last year that actually left a mark for awhile. I try to keep it down now, but I don't think I've finished a race without flipping it up eventually.

P.S. I also ran karts for years so flipping the visor down when rolling off grid is habit. One feature all my motorcycle helmets had that I notice lacking from my SA helmets is a detent to crack the visor 1/4" off the seal to get some more airflow without anything coming straight through. Maybe they omit this on purpose for fire. Perhaps a different thread to discuss some options?

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Interviews start at the 44 min mark


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