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Re-Man axles rule:

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As Posted


Member Advisory
1. #25451 (Club Racing Board) Member Advisory Memo Spec Miata
After CRB review and in consultation with Mazda and SCCA Technical resources the CRB would like to provide the following Advisory Memo guidance for Spec Miata competitors:
Given recent events, the SCCA CRB would like to advise Spec Miata competitors that Spec Miata OEM, re-manufactured or rebuilt axles do not have a published specification nor are the axles a serviceable item. For the remainder of 2018, Spec Miata OEM, re-manufactured or rebuilt axles will not be a tech examined item. As a follow up, the CRB has asked the SMAC to provide a recommendation for 2019 for Spec Miata axles.


Now that we are past the Runoffs, What is the SMAC's plan regarding this? is the SMAC going to get the opinions of the class or make some kind of a recommendation or adopt the above permanently?


If SCCA should decide to not follow NASA will there be an effort get the two organizations on the same page. Soon we will be prepping for 2019 so it would be nice to know where we stand.




do we have clarification,  maybe we do,  on allowing any year trans in any year car as long as its a 5 speed? 



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The trans wording was updated a few years ago.Any 5speed with stock ratios.

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Frank the SMAC is working on the CV issue now. 

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Seems like it has already been solved.. What's to work on?   Folks came out of the woodwork testifying there were zero performance gains to be had on the axles...  I remember reading a thesis on that exact subject somewhere on mazda racers...   This was a bunch of nothing to do about nothing.      So..  since everyone agrees with that..  Why not just keep the position "Axles will not be a tech examined item" in place..  And let it be.. There is clearly no benefit in wasting time on this. 


That way we can all juice up our axles... and move on to the next unicorn speed secret for 2019.  

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I've got my R&D team working on carbon fiber axles as we speak.





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I've got my R&D team working on carbon fiber axles as we speak.

Doubt that would provide jack. Now carbon fiber knuckles with spherical bearings and CF LCAs would greatly reduce unsprung weight.... But we need the weight back there for balance and our new shocks are turned for the heavy weight, so not even worth daydreaming about.



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