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1.6 spec miata down on power

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Tom Hampton

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OP: “...Timing belt marks good...”
And it wouldn’t be intermittent. The statement that it inexplicably ran a session without symptoms is still perhaps the most interesting.

Which screams electrical, to me.

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Check the AFM.

A while back my 1.6 was down on power and the “swing door” in the AFM was binding and not moving freely. Effectively the engine was being choked at WOT as well as incorrect electrical signals being sent from the AFM to the ECU.

Replaced and tuned the AFM and all was good.
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Steve Scheifler

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Hey Strve, I’ve got an AFM just like that, supposedly a “new” reman which seems fine cold but starts to bind as it gets hot. But, I think the OP has indicated that he already swapped in a different one.
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Well from what I've heard and didn't have much left to try, found new TPS in town day before track day. Car seems to be sorted out, running even with other 1.6 cars on straights, no more flames from exhaust. Between new TPS, coil, used CAS, not sure which but at this point I'm real curios to know but not changing anything due to no more track time until my first race in October.

Leaning towards TPS because the band width of idle and WOT range was much larger on new one.

Thanks everyone for your input.

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