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Disabling start-up clutch switch

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Car is a 1999. Others may be different.


I was using a 2x4 wood stud to depress the clutch when I wanted to start the car with me out of it, while I was working on the car. There's another way... .


I did some googling and found some posts on disabling the start-up clutch switch, so you can start the car without depressing the clutch. Of course, CAR MUST BE IN NEUTRAL WHEN YOU START IT THIS WAY!!!


On my 1999, the clutch switch CONNECTOR is all the way on the left side of the footwell, far up under the dash. The connector is NOT on the firewall near where the clutch is attached into the firewall.


The connector combo is pale yellow on one side of the connector and white on the other. The white part is fastened to the left side wall of the footwell (one of those plastic buttons that is snapped into a hole in the metal). I could not separate the connector combo without detaching it from the metal wall. So, when you get up under there, bring a screwdriver or some needlenose pliers to pop it loose from the wall. Then you can separate the two halves of the connector combo.


I took a 4 inch piece of 12 (or 14?) gauge wire and crimped a male spade to each end, making a jumper wire. I plugged each end into the white connector half. There are only two female slots in the white connector, so there is only one way to attach the jumper. Foolproof. Leave the pale yellow part of the connector combo alone. Note that no wires were cut. The job is totally reversible.


PUT IT IN NEUTRAL, and start the car without depressing the clutch.


The hardest part is getting up underneath the dash and being able to use your arms and hands. To document the shenanigans we have to go through working on the interior of this tiny car, have somebody take a picture of you when you are on your back in the driver's seat, with your legs up in the air getting tangled in the roll cage, with your head and hands stuffed under the dash, barely able to move. It is comical. They can also get you stuff you need while you are captive under there. At my age/size/flexibility, I had a hard time getting into position, and a harder time getting out!



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Or you could just cut the pigtail going to the clutch switch and solder or crimp splice the two ends together and plug back in.......can be a little more secure than just spade ends into the connector.

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Lucky I stumbled across this just last week when my rebuild wouldn't start.  Found the clutch switch was unplugged and found out people were bypassing it.  Lucky I hadn't installed the seat yet, made it a whole lot easier.

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