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Sub belt attachment points

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John Waight

John Waight


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Installing a new set of belts in my car and I have a sub belt mounting question.


I've read what the SCCA GCR says. I've read what various manufacturers installation instructions say.  I probably already know the answer to my question but can the sub belt clip on attachment points be moved from directly below the seat to eyelets mounted through the floor just behind the seat for easier access to belt adjustment? That would make the sub belt angle greater than 20 degrees but it would allow me to lower the seat a bit more to get my head out of the "rafters". Any advise?




Ron Alan

Ron Alan

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For sure there is an ideal location...but as you can imagine sometimes they are just installed to work! Seen many cars with attachment points behind seat on floor and many almost directly under seat hole. Adjusting sub belts can generally never be done without having seat lose...so in that case try and get in the most ideal location...its a hassle no matter what you do!


Tip...before you drill any holes...adjust your sub belt to its absolute shortest and longest points so you know your range. Also look to see were the adjuster buckles will end up...above or below the seat. Never is ideal if they end up right at the seat hole! 


Belts have different designs as well as seats. The mounts you put in today may not work with seats or belts you buy in the future. Point is there is nothing perfect!




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Dave D.

Dave D.


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Before I mount the seat for good with the belts installed, I sit in the seat with the sub belt and place the buckle in the correct spot on me, then use a china marker(chalk, crayon,or sharpie will work) to mark the spot where the webbing passes through the seat hole. then when out of the seat, you can hold the belt up to the mark and mock up how much length you need to mount it wherever. I do this for shoulder belts too. 

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