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NC fuel pump failures

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We've had two fuel pumps fail in my 2009 NC2 Miata, both right after sessions where we ran them very low on fuel. The basket and jet pump work very well, and we know from the fuel pressure logs it never sucked air. I'm guessing it just heated up the little remaining fuel too much. This is not exactly an unfamiliar failure in endurance cars.


Anyway, I think we've got a few options:


1) Aftermarket drop-in pump that's more durable than the stocker. I have no idea what might work here.


2) PWM control of the pump, to reduce duty cycle to whatever minimum is needed to feed the engine and keep the jet pump working. This should lower temps quite a bit.


3) Surge tank with an external pump or more durable in-tank pump, using a jet pump to suck fuel out of the main tank.


4) 1+2


5) 2+3


Any suggestions? Thanks!

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