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Couple Of Fuel System Questions

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I may go up to 4-6 months between races these days and hate to leave ethanol fuel in the car as it goes bad quicker than non-ethanol.  My questions are:


1) Ethanol or non-ethanol - does it matter as far as power goes? I seem to recall an older thread stating there is no clear advantage, but maybe with ethanol has a slight edge in HP (1 or 2).   Currently I run regular octane w/ 10% ethanol but have available both regular and premium non-ethanol.


2) I generally do not drain the tank- should I?


3) Best way to protect the interior of the tank against rust. (I use Stabil Marine, although I am not certain of it's effectiveness)


4) How often to change the stock fuel filter, does anyone run a secondary filter.


5) Any other tips regarding fuel system (pumps, injectors, additives/cleaners etc...).

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