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NEW*** Digital Racing Radios At Sampson

Posted by Sampson Racing Radios , 02-28-2013 · 1,805 views

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Digital Racing Radios Are Finally Here!

You can now finally afford to enhance your communications with Sampson Racing Radios and the new digital performance of the Vertex EVX-530 Digital two-way radio.

With digital there is never any static issue. They are totally private. You have full communications at all time and almost twice the battery life. Best part is that they plug into the standard Vertex jack so there is no need to buy new attachments.

NEW for the 2013 season Sampson is offering them as upgrades in our Racer and Pro Systems as well as they can be purchased individually.

  • True 5watt in both analog and digital formats

  • Radios operate in both analog and digital formats and can be used with your existing analog two-way radios

  • 32 Channels

  • No more static

  • Almost 2x more battery life (12hrs +)

  • 3yr Warranty

  • Water proof

  • Totally private (can not be scanned)

  • Small and light

Please feel free to visit our online web site (Here) or call the office at 866 396 7231