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Auto-blogger Extraordinaire

Posted by Scottie , 01-10-2011 · 4,237 views

Good news - I am now one of the writers on a new website dedicated to blogging about cars. More specifically, cars that go fast and like to turn. There are tons more features and stories on this site, so it is definitely worth checking out; especially the tire reviews and updates on the VW TDI cup.

So I will cut to the chase... www.RightFootDown.com
It is a young site, building a reputation. It would be terrific if my fellow racers (YOU!) could check it out and maybe make some comments if you guys have anything to say. I enjoy reading all of your opinions, comments, jokes, and just the general feel that you guys and girls give our community.

So really, I would not call myself an extraordinaire, but I will be writing my first article for them sometime this week. As always, I appreciate the support that this community gives to one another.

Oh, and for what it's worth, check out the site because there is an S2000.... with an LS1 in it. And to think we only stuffed those in Miatas....

Thank goodness you got the word Miata in there at the last moment :) Is there going to be a blog post over there about Mazda Racers :)

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I saw that one coming! Do you honestly think I would forget about you guys??? Come on', of course I will give Mazda Racers the sweet lovin' it (you) deserves!
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