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Alan Wilson at PRI, what a meeting.....

Posted by Jim Daniels - FIG , in General 12-14-2010 · 743 views

I was at the PRI show this past weekend. Lots of wonderful stories and one in particular. I found myself with Alan Wilson and his wife Desirae. (www.wilsonmotorsport.com) I spent the year racing with Dez but have only met Alan in passing.

An hour after we started talking about the new track in New Orleans I realized that this man had more passion for racing and track building than most realize. It was very intriguing to hear all the track building jargon and thought that goes into the track building process.

If you don't know, Alan has designed many tracks we enjoy including the Miller Motorsports park for which he won the "2006 Motorsports Facility of the Year" by Professional Motorsports World Expo. He was so excited to talk about the New Orleans track, like a kid almost. That excitement was not all positive but constructive none the less. Alan had a bit of animosity regarding the comments made over the "3rd gear" track some call Miller and boasted that this new track would raise the hair on the neck of those Nay Sayers. With a 5000 foot front straight leading to a 100MPH right hand sweeper, I'd say he is right.

Speaking about the new track, www.nolamotor.com, Dr. Laney Chouest the founder was on hand and is equally excited. Lots of stories about the build, the condos, the members and the bench racing has already started. Their site has a live web came if interested.

I myself am very excited too. I grew up there and it is the only other place I've lived. Yes, I'm a Coon Ass! My childhood is filled with wonderful memories about living there and not so wonderful memories of having to travel 100 miles to find a Kart track. NO MORE!

Brad Adams, our team principle and partner, was there today. He resides in New Orleans and I think some kind of shop will be popping up for me to work out of. Fine by me, 5 hours by car is much better than the 6 hours by plane it takes to get to Salt Lake where we are based now. Then there is the snow and lost tracks days, yuk for racers.

I suck at blogging but you get the drift......

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