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The first step - Find a car....

Posted by Carl Nocera , 11-11-2013 · 2,289 views

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Well the addiction has begun - I found the perfect car - sure that phrase has been said many times but how do you really know? I think I did and I'll let you agree or disagree , after all this is the USA! So a little background - I've watched you guys racing and caught the bug just from your excellent youtube videos and elsewhere ( this site ) so I started my search in October '13 - I didn't have to wait long. I followed up on a lead from a coworker after confirming that it was a '99 and it had very low miles - Pay attention to this next part.... 7,200 miles --- let that wash around in your head 7,200 miles owned by ( yep ) a senior citizen - who purchased it from a (truth) another older mature ( PC ) woman who became sick and had to sell it. She made her friend promise to buy it and take care of it-- it had 1500 miles ..... 14 years later -- it is time to sell it (to me) !!! I had it bought when she started it up... perfect. Not a problem anywhere, maybe even germ free.. My friend just was over and he was amazed " maybe the benchmark for '99's" If anybody wanted to see a true survivor , this may be the one. Never seen rain, wet roads, always heated garage, maintained by the Mazda dealer (swore at her for selling it to me) 500 miles or less per summer driven. Battery out in fall, fluids completely flushed out and replaced in spring, The longest trip it made was about 40 miles round trip one summer day a few years ago. Back to today, sorry. I've been told to flip it, low mileage, great color combo, and it screams LEAVE ME BE!! ... So I'm going to take a few days/weeks to see how I feel. It's winter now ( close enough ) and I have no room in the garage to really do any work on it. Maybe I should just flip it and buy a MS that is already done. After all the Canadian Motor Speedway is still being built and not ready for the road racing yet (2016) . But I do have Watkins Glen a few hours away.................... Hmmmm do they have a dead stock class??

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