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Is my diff repairable?

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Ok, I'm done.  My observations:


Mine showed about 2 1/2 full threads to start.  Removing the damper was a PITA.  Ultimately, I used a small chisel and cut the rubber.  A dremel tool smelled like hell cutting the rubber and I don't have a vice or a hole saw.  After it was cut off, I used the dremel to cut the metal sleeve in a couple of spots, a chisel and done.


I got a guillotine type separator from Autozone but it was too small.  Only worked to remove the metal dust cover over the rubber portion.  It didn't have the two vertical screws to "push" against the flange.


Reassembly was fine.  Just holding the flange with my hand and using a ratchet, I got it within 1/4 turn of lining up the marks. (surprised me, I thought it would be more).  That's when I used my special tool (a flat piece of 3/16 steel from Lowe's with two holes drilled to bolt to the flange at the driveshaft holes) which only worked to a point until it started to buckle.


Took way longer than I wanted, but oh well....




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Thanks Dave!!!  Again!  :)

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