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I'm sorry, but there is absolutely no way that I am spending $15k for an NA. On the east coast, good 1.6 and NA cars are worth 10k Maximum, and that's if they are super fast and in good condition. Most don't sell unless they are in 7k range. Unless proven otherwise, California and west coast guys are the only ones selling them for that much.


This. NA cars are $7500 to $10k. Most NB cars are around $19k to $22k. 22,000 - 7500 = 14,500.

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This. NA cars are $7500 to $10k. Most NB cars are around $19k to $22k. 22,000 - 7500 = 14,500.

Both of you...

I don’t have a problem with a claim that $15K is high for a NA.

But let’s go back to my post. I think you are being pretty selective in your math. Maybe you are happy to pay $22K for a 99, but I referenced a page on this site that shows 3 NB’s with asking price of $17K, $19K and $19K BEFORE negotiation. So assuming the actual sell price will drop a little, and taking $15K away, that means the decently prepared NA’s you reference would have to be $1k to 3K.....

So do I agree that the NA’s don’t retain their value? Well that depends on what you paid for it. If you can get a good NA for $7,500 as you suggest, then the odds are good you won’t lose much money. Particularly if you ship it to the Northwest :)

Anyway, I stand by my thought that the depreciation in these cars (any model) is far less than a decent street car. Race car depreciation is not the costly part of SM racing.

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I have a sealed ND1 engine for sale harvested from a ND2 update . A couple of races old before it was swapped out .Pictures available crated ready to ship. New stock flywheel and clutch included 

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