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Running Both Sanctioning Bodies.... SCCA here we come....

Posted by Joe (dad) Jordan , 06-06-2013 · 2,956 views

We decided it was time to try SCCA racing in November we went to Firebird raceway and competed in a SCCA regional. We ran Spec Miata and STL to make sure he would get enough races to get a National license. Our intention was to run SCCA Nationals with the hope to qualify for the 50th SCCA Runoffs.

Unfortunately not much Spec Miata competition at the Firebird Regional, but we did what we came to do...run 4 races clean to qualify for a National License! Got some time with the grandparents who live in Flagstaff and an uncle that lives in Glendale, so all and all a good race weekend.

Our first SCCA Snowbird Double National at INDE Motorsports Park. This is a cool facility in Southeast arrizona, complete with the nicest bathrooms and showers I have ever used at a track! We ran a test day and did some suspension tuning learn new tires for STL BFG R1S and let Joey learn the track. We would double dip in Spec Miata and STL to allow more track time.

We ended up 6th in Spec Miata after a few missed shifts and learning we had a bad 3rd gear synchro. Decided to run all 2nd gear corners in 3rd and focus on reliability and carrying more speed to the apex.

In STL we were able to run with Clement Lee for the first time and hung on to him in his uncorked 99 for about half the distance before a small mistake had us loose the draft and ended up second. After the race Joey felt that he could run with Clement if he drove better. This was a huge accomplishment if you look back at Joey's first Spec Miata race in 2011 when he was lapped by Clement who has been the dominant SCCA spec miata runner in the Southern Paciifc Division for at least the last 5 years.

Sunday's races saw Joey qualify 2nd in Spec Miata and 2nd in STL. In STL there was a big accident on the first lap the collected Clement Lee, Mark Lange, and Paul Whiting half of our STL competitors. Joey cruised to the STL victory by almost a lap.

Spec Miata became a battle between Steven Powers in his 99 Miata and Joey. Joey and the 1.6 had the handling advantage, powers had the Grunt and pull out of the corners and they were pretty even on the top end. They ran nose to tail for most of the race and Joey ended up 2nd by .8 of a second. He lead his first SCCA National spec miata race and overall had a great weekend and won significant contingency money and prizes that will allow us to go to the next event!

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