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Running Both Sanctioning Bodies.... SCCA here we come....

Posted by Joe (dad) Jordan , 06-06-2013 - - - - - - · 2,957 views

We decided it was time to try SCCA racing in November we went to Firebird raceway and competed in a SCCA regional. We ran Spec Miata and STL to make sure he would get enough races to get a National license. Our intention was to run SCCA Nationals with the hope to qualify for the 50th SCCA Runoffs.   Unfortunately not much Spec Miata competition at the Fir...


NASA Nationals and a Gift

Posted by Joe (dad) Jordan , 01-23-2013 - - - - - - · 1,779 views

Well haven't written a blog since the end of 2011 where we ended the season hurting a motor.... 2012 came around and an old crew member of mine Dave Levy had some life changes and decided to gift us his Spec Miata which hadn't been raced in 5 years. We ended up running most of the season with this car and had a best finish of 5th at the California Crown r...


Busy 2 weeks and 5 races later From Back of the pack to mid pack

Posted by Joe (dad) Jordan , 04-19-2011 - - - - - - · 2,116 views

It was my son's turn to try and get off his NASA provisional license by competing the last 2 weekends at Buttonwillow in SM and and at Thunderhill in PTE and SM.At Buttonwillow he learned a lot, #1 not to go to a school dance the night before a race!  We got started a little late and we had to do an annual inspection before our first Nasa weekend...


Removing Excuses

Posted by Joe (dad) Jordan , 04-05-2011 - - - - - - · 1,795 views

As this is a slow build, I have been removing excuses....One of the last and most expensive one's other than a built motor is the torsen.  I ordered one from Jim Drago at E-street and my son and I installed it over the weekend. We are now ready to do the "set-up" for the first time! Through all the Drivers schools and track days I did an e...


Both now have licenses!

Posted by Joe (dad) Jordan , 03-29-2011 - - - - - - · 2,560 views

Well my 18 year old daughter survived SCCA drivers school and ran 2 regionals over the weekend at Buttonwillow to get her provisional signed off.  Car is making progress.  We had a consisitent selectrical problem related to the kill switch, which drained the battery, but she is now licensed and ready to go.  My son Joey 17 has his NASA provisional which w...


One provisional license down 1 to go!

Posted by Joe (dad) Jordan , 02-18-2011 - - - - - - · 1,577 views

We had every intention of running our newly built Spec Miata at the NASA 2011 season opener in Infineon Raceway Feb 12-13 with the intention of getting one of my kids( Joey) Age 17 signed off from HPDE 4 and get his provisional license.However, work and life got in the way, however and I couldn't get the car done in time. Up stepped Uncle Jim who prov...


Sunday Sunday....Feeling all right

Posted by Joe (dad) Jordan , 01-24-2011 - - - - - - · 1,543 views

Sunday was a brand new day, we were feeling cocky and felt we could get in the top 25.  Highlights from Saturday were watching the kids gain confidence and grow and seeing my wife get out braked by this  :o   Joey started and in the first hour of the 2nd day we got up to 41st.  He was fast and confident he battled most of his stint with the eventual 3rd p...


Lemons and more...

Posted by Joe (dad) Jordan , 01-23-2011 - - - - - - · 2,263 views

Well we made it too Buttonwillow for the Lemons race the first weekend in December.  Our beat up $500 Miata had an AWR Cage put in it and all the Safety equipment...We ran two test days one at Buttonwillow and one at Chuckwalla.  We ran 3 drivers through their first HPDE events at Phoenix 2 weeks before the race.Team Jailbait  was ready to give their...


Getting started

Posted by Joe (dad) Jordan , 12-20-2010 - - - - - - · 2,187 views

This blog will attempt to explain our family project of building a spec miata.  We chose to start with a lemons Miata and build it as a family project.  My daughter Jahna (17) my son Joey (16) are the primary builders with Dad(me looking over their shoulder and helping with decisions to do things once rather than twice.Step 1 was getting the cage put in....

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