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Seat Install- Sparco Circuit Pro

Posted by FTodaro , 11-29-2015 · 5,212 views

The Sparco Circuit Pro is the larger of the two composite seat offerings between the Circuit and the Circuit pro. The Circuit Pro has lots of room. I noticed when shopping for seats that they do come in all shapes and sizes, there is no standard size. Not only is the seat (butt pad) and the back area different so is the size of the halo area. The Halo area in this seat is pretty wide, which makes mounting it in a Miata a challenge.

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As you have seen from the prior posts I have removed the stock mounting locations and installed the Eaststreet notch out panel. I will need the extra room.

I also had to modify the cage to take out the gusset on the back driver side so that the halo of the seat will fit under the cage. With that done, I wanted to use a seat bracket that would allow me to get this big seat in the car and allow some adjustment forward and aft.

I ordered these seat brackets from Eaststreet.

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What I like about them is the versatility. I mount them to the floor with hardened, round headed bolts, that lock into place.

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As you can see the brackets allow adjustment from left to right and front to back, it allows me to put the seat right where i want it and allows me to make easy adjustments to move the seat for a different driver.

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Once I get the seat in the right spot I tighten the bolts. On the underside I back support the bolts with a bracket. Part of it is weldded to the under body to provide additional support. Sadly I have tested this install and it works.

Now the seat is installed and another step complete.

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