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Brake Calipers

These are fully rebuilt and powder coated black. The emergency brake mechanism has completely been removed from all the rear calipers. These calipers are prepped to have as little drag as possible. They will look and perform better than any caliper on the market. These are the same calipers we use on all of our cars. We have these calipers available for SM's 1990-2005. Each caliper is sold separately and the core charge is per caliper. Front calipers are $125.00 per and rear calipers are $150.00 per caliper

CORE CHARGE:. $50.00 per caliper, we will refund the $50 once the cores are returned.


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Torsen swaps (1999/05)

These swaps will bolt right into your 90-93 SM. This will replace the fragile Mazda Comp differential and give you years of worry free racing. The swap comes with all the parts necessary to install into your car. It comes with the 4:30 torsen differential, the aluminum housing, both CV axles and the drive shaft. the swap come with a 6 month warranty.


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Ballast System

After seeing many of the ways people install ballast in their cars, we decided there had to be a better way. What we decided to do is to secure the weight on the passengers side seat mounts. These mounts are designed to easily carry 200+ lbs securely. Our system comes with a steel base plate ( 19 lbs) that mounts securely to the four passenger seat mounting points. That plate has four holes, with nuts welded on the back side. The weight plates(15 lbs, half plates are available 7.5 lbs) also have four holes in them, they lay flat on the base plate and attach with four 1/2 in grade 8 bolts. Weight plates can easily be changed in and out with little to no hassle. With an impact you can change the plates in a matter of minutes. This is the best system out there, it is safe, secure, very easy to use and most of all looks professional, not a bunnch of bar bells or lead blocks.


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Adjustable Endlinks

East Street Custom adjustable endlinks. These are the endlinks we use on all our cars. they come with all the necessary hardware and spacers, they fit perfectly in a Spec Miata. These links are the perfect length for SM. If you are not happy with these links, send thenm back for a full refund.