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Brake Calipers

These are fully rebuilt and powder coated black. The emergency brake mechanism has completely been removed from all the rear calipers. These calipers are prepped to have as little drag as possible. They will look and perform better than any caliper on the market. These are the same calipers we use on all of our cars. We have these calipers available for SM's 1990-2005. Each caliper is sold separately and the core charge is per caliper. Front calipers are $125.00 per and rear calipers are $150.00 per caliper

CORE CHARGE:. $50.00 per caliper, we will refund the $50 once the cores are returned.


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Blue Printed Front Hubs

We have blueprinted front hubs available. These are the best rolling hubs out there bar none and the longest lasting. We start with new OEM castings as they are the ONLY ones that are heat treated all the way through the race and not just surface hardened. We completely go through these hubs, add new seals and install the highest quality steel ball bearings available ( standard bearings as not of the same grade and not as smooth and do not roll as free) . These hubs come with standard length studs. If you would like long studs, add $30 per hub. These hubs roll better than anything out there. This is what we use on all of our race cars that we build.
We are now offering a 6 month warranty on the hubs, races included.

$220 short studs
$250 long studs


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Ballast System Full Weight Plate (15 lbs)

The plate has four holes, with nuts welded on the back side. The weight plates(15 lbs, half plates are available 7.5 lbs) also have four holes in them, they lay flat on the base plate and attach with four 1/2 in grade 8 bolts. Weight plates can easily be changed in and out with little to no hassle.


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Blue Printed Rear Knuckles

We are offering race ready ready knuckles. These come with new Mazda bearings, disassembled and cleaned and repacked with our racing grease that will reduce the drag. We then press them into the rear knuckle. We also install a new Mazda bushing. These are are ready to install on the car. These roll great! We do not re install rear dust seal.

These come with long studs or standard studs, please click the appropriate option.

Standard studs $250, long studs $285


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Floor drop panel

This is the best drop floor drop on the market. It comes with lap belt mounts and inner seat belt mount that is removed when you install a notch out panel (not pictured). Also notice the leading edge is on a 45 degree designed to glance off or over anything you may run over. Others on the market are 90 degrees and could rip the panel out or transfer all that energy right to your seat. This is not something to take lightly!! If you chose to put this modification in your car, research your decision and you will see why I believe ours is by far the best out there. They come preassembled with a detailed instructions.


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Ballast System

After seeing many of the ways people install ballast in their cars, we decided there had to be a better way. What we decided to do is to secure the weight on the passengers side seat mounts. These mounts are designed to easily carry 200+ lbs securely. Our system comes with a steel base plate ( 19 lbs) that mounts securely to the four passenger seat mounting points. That plate has four holes, with nuts welded on the back side. The weight plates(15 lbs, half plates are available 7.5 lbs) also have four holes in them, they lay flat on the base plate and attach with four 1/2 in grade 8 bolts. Weight plates can easily be changed in and out with little to no hassle. With an impact you can change the plates in a matter of minutes. This is the best system out there, it is safe, secure, very easy to use and most of all looks professional, not a bunnch of bar bells or lead blocks.


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Tunnel Notch Out Panel

We developed an insert that welds into the floor/tunnel area. This insert adds almost three inches of floor space to better mount your seat. Most seats in Miata's are mounted off center or crooked because of interference with the tunnel. Rather than beat the tunnel with a Big hammer, you call install this piece in about 30 minutes and have a nice crafts manlike job. This piece fits perfectly, it is even relieved in the front for the exhaust flange. It is a very easy install. You simply mark the floor/tunnel, then cut the floor out with a jigsaw or plasma cutter, lay this piece on top and weld or pop rivet in place. This piece lays over the factory seams and attaches at the seam of the floor from front to back and at the rear of the floor where the floor meets the rear trunk floor.


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Universal Aluminum Seat Bracket

We all know how hard it is to mount a composite seat in a Miata. These brackets make it much easier. You have a 2 inch window of adjust-ability in each bracket. You can also mount a seat as low as touching the floor or as high as 4 inches off the floor and anywhere in between. Once you have your seat mounted and On the recline that you want, you can loosen the bolts and slide the seat anywhere, forward or back within that 2 in window without re drilling holes to fine tune your seat position. The brackets are also not offset. As you likely know, most of the time the bolts attaching the seat to the floor of Miata have to go under the seat, not toward the outside of the seat like in most cars with more room. With offset brackets, when you put the bolts under the seat, the offset portion designed to save you floor space actually uses up even more. So the 90 degree bend is the only way to go there.

These brackets will fit Side Mount Seats offered by: Momo, OMP, Cobra, Status, Racetech, Sparco, Recaro & most others. The brackets are made to bolt directly to sliders but have multiple slots for adjust-ability when direct mounting (eliminating sliders). The brackets are made from 3/16 inch thick Aluminum and weigh just under 3 lbs for the pair. Price listed is for a pair of brackets to mount one seat.


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Springfield Dyno SM Exhaust

Springfield Dyno Spec Miata Exhaust

This exhaust still remains the best exhaust available for Spec Miatas. It routinely produces more HP and Torque than all of its competitors. This exhaust was original developed by Sam Henry of Springfield Dyno. Since taking over the line exclusively, we at ESR have addressed the fitment issue and now the exhausts fit perfectly without touching anything. We also changed the hangers to bullet tips so they are retained much better by the exhaust hangers. These exhaust systems were run on 9 of the last 10 national championship winning cars. They have no equal. Now available only at East Street Racing.

Available for 1.6, NA 1.8 and 99 plus cars

This exhaust comes split in half, we recommend welding it together. You can clamp it together, however we do not provide a clamp and advise against anything but welding together.


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forward mount rear view mirror kit with longacre mirror

Most all of us have used mirrors that attach to the roll cage. Those mounts push the mirror too close to the driver. These staggered and adjustable brackets move the 14 in longacre mirror to the stock rear view mirror location. The brackets use two existing holes to locate themselves, no measuring or centering required. The brackets are staggered and adjustable to get the mirror in the desired position for every driver. Once installed and adjusted you will have no blind spots and be able to clearly see out the drivers and passengers windows as well as the back window. These brackets will make driving much easier than it was without them.

This option comes with longacre mirror