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It's official! SM will go 1999-2005 starting 1/1/14

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Maybe while they are working on culling the SM cars they will retire the MGs, Sprites, Healeys and all the other junk that has been grandfathered for the last fifty years. Although I dont like the idea of my 1990 SM going to the barn, I agree that overall it is better for the sport to keep curent with the times.

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Your PM inbox is full Jim. Interesting reaction so far :)

But you looked didn't you?! Haha




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    do they sell spec training wheels yet?

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Sorry for all the edits and changing of the posts.. All is the spirit of the joke :)


I didn't even notice that you edited my post!


I'm taking my 1.6 and going back to the middle of the pack!

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Black SM/SM2/"Slap Bracelet Throwback" #12 in the Northeast....if the car was made in the early 90's it should look like it.

1.6L forever!  Bring on your '99's and '01's!

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Told my friend about the 1.6 changes (plus added it was no longer elgible for SSM and it now needs to run in ITA). She was so pissed off and said she's isn't going to renew her SCCA license, swore a few times, and thanked you guys for saving her a ton of money. LOL


Great joke, had me initially too. :)

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You know what they say about jokes... the funniest jokes are always based in a bit of reality.   :noidea:

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Too much fun yesterday!  Sorry for all the post we changed!  But we had to perpetuate the rumor...worked well enough to get 3 pages of post in one day!  

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Well done, Jim and Mike. Even better than the fake news story on Facebook about Formula 1 coming to Lime Rock Park.

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I was sooooooo excited - now just sad  :crying2:




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You guys are mean!!!

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