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U.S. Majors Buttonwillow Raceway Park, Western Conf, 4/26

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+1!  After Race 1 at Thunderhill, I spoke with the Conference tech steward and asked for more tech on Sunday.  I retired early so nobody looked at me and I don't know if anything additional was done (hey- that was my plan all along!) but if we drivers ask for it, we will get it (eventually).  


On the other side of the coin, we have to realize there are some practical limits.  Space, staff and of course time.  If we came to the track for two races per weekend and we had dedicated tech staff (a la MX5 Cup or World Challenge/etc), there would be no shortage of oversight and tech.  But at TH, for example, there were 300 entries in 7 groups and 28 classes who all needed tech.  Could more be done?  Sure - but it's not always going to be for us even if we are a more competitive class.


As for Jamz saying you don't write letters and you don't file protests: "if you don't vote, you don't have the right to complain".  Suggesting ideas or bitching here accomplishes ZERO.  There is a procedure for making your opinion heard and it's called crbscca.com.

Glad to hear you asked for more Brian.  At Hallett I finished 4th on the track and got bumped up to third after the stewards ruled on a dust-up towards the end of the race.  I got no tech whatsoever  which was kind of surprising.

In Southwest division the same tech folks typically have to tech ALL cars.  That's why they pick simple things like weight or restrictor plates in or out.  One cannot honestly expect an individual to know everything there is to know about a Miata an SRF an AS Firiebird and P1 Stohr.  

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For the record.. You can post anything you would like teched.. It went over the line when you start making unsubstantiated accusations that reflect poorly on MANY people from that time period. While I doubt you really "know" anything but have "heard" something. It is wrong to just throw that label out. So at least on this site, I would prefer the entire story or none of it, we are better than that.

As far as the other part of your story referring to a nameless me, what DD is talking about is we ran a piece of duct tape over the windshield /hardtop seam and wrote "East Street Racing" or something on it. Since Dave is not tech and I felt/feel I could have defended a protest, I ran it in a few sessions. I was asked to remove it by Jim Creighton, so we did as it just wasn't worth the fight.

Please to EVERYONE, not just DD. Don't come on here accusing someone or a group of people without disclosing any facts. I have suspected or "known" things that I have seen or suspected others have done/ are doing, but it is not my place to comment on a public forum. That place is at an event with a protest.

Lastly, I have absolutely NO idea who you are talking about. I know pretty much everyone in SM, so while I may "know" the two people who allegedly ran these transmissions, I may know who allegedly rebuilt them. I have no idea what you are referring to in regards to this story, nor have I heard this story until you posted it.

And BTW name calling will get you another 30 day vacation :)

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I find it laughable that someone who doesnt even race, let alone race with us...


is going to accuse that this undiscolsed person or this other one is a cheat...


it used to be that there was a parity problem for the 1.6, that was supposedly fixed and yet the front of the field still looks the same, to me that says there will never be parity between tallent and since the most talented driver usually drives cars newer then 93 it really doesnt matter much at the end of the day.


now we have this same loud mouth again that doesnt race with us, and owning a race car that has a sm sticker on it does not make one a racer, casting aspersions of cheating on anyone who competed at the front back in the old days.  


I am certain that there is cheating going on somewhere in the SM comunity, it certainly is not rampant, and most everyone that races at the front wants nothing more then to beat the rest fair and square.  


Walmart needs greeters and it would seem it would be more productive you use the time begining with hello welcome to wally world then to spend all your time making wild ass ridiculous accusations on here.  


I think there is a hanger here in dayton at WPAFB that contains martians and all kinds of supposed cheated transmissions from SM...

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